Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Rise of the Avengers

     So, upon re-watching Rise of the Guardian's lately, i renewed my thoughts on how similar the characters are to those of the Avengers!  Here's a nice quick list of characters and exactly why i think they match up!  Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments! 

                Both are charming, fun loving, and adorably sexy.  Both have a cold side, but deep down under really just want to protect people.  Both are not really invited, but when they arrive, end up being a huge part of the team.  Also, both have the opening scene of their respective movies.  Both are who you really want to see and are the witty fun guys. 

                Burly?  Check.  From the North?  Check.  Lots of snow?  Check.  Hilarious and sweet?  Check!  Thor and Santa share a northern origin (Norse and Russian/German) and are sweet characters with a muscly exterior.  Thor is a huge sweetheart in his movies, with a child-like innocence on earth.  Santa is, at his core, a baby with big eyes full of wonder.  I can imagine the two of them having a wonderful battle, kicking butt, and proceeding to create ice-sculptures and have a swig of ale.

                Bruce Banner is a scientist and Sandy is by no means dumb.  Sandy is often right and a silent leader to the team.  The Hulk never has too much to say aside from SMASH just like this little guy.  And both put a royal whooping on the bad guy.  Not to mention both roll in at the last minute for the final battle. 

Tooth fairy=Natasha
                As part of a sad stereotype, every team has to have one girl.  Luckily, in both these movies, the girl is amazing.  Natasha is versatile, smart, and is able to trick the god of tricksters into revealing his plan!!!  How boss is that?  And Tooth lands that final punch on Pitch and is a boss.    

Baby tooth/other fairies=Clint/shield
                Like in the Avengers, Baby Tooth plays a relatively small roll like Hawkeye.  Also, both are birds that follow Natasha/Tooth Fairy around.  And the thousands of other birdies are the other agents that don’t get to be named!

                I’m not even going to explain.

                I had a hard time with this one.  At first, I tried to liken  cap top Bunny after I had made all the other conclusions however…It just wasn't working the way I wanted!  Then, when I re-watched the movie, I figured it out.  Jamie leads the Guardians and has a pure soul like the good captain.  Captain has a sort of strong, yet very sweet tone to him with a very sincere and straightforward approach to things.  Jamie does not give up and is the last child on earth to believe in the Guardians after all else has failed!  Yes, it is a stretch, but if you really think about it, it might make perfect sense!

Man on the Moon=Fury
                He assembles them, he shows them their abilities, and he is…not Samuel L. Jackson.  But close enough.  Both characters serve as the overall leader who doesn’t really do much in retrospect.  They just say “yo, you have rockets in your feet?  Good.  You gotta big shield?  That’s cool” or “yo, this dude over here’s got snow powers guyz.  Guyz.  Snow powers.”


                Really, both are British and even sound similar at times, have a similar structure and way of movement, a similar goal of taking of the earth (in two very different ways) and are the bad guy.  There’s a similar sadistic tone to both and really it just laps you in the face the minute you meet him that it’s Loki but…the Boogie Man.  (At least he’s not full of bugs…)  That makes the Nightmares like his Chitauri!  And of course, both get brutally wooped and sent back home (under the bed and back to Asgard!)

   That's it guys!  Have a nice night and I'll talk to you all soon!