Friday, January 10, 2014

Bad day

  So, i know I posted a long rant time about yesterday and a mini-post today, but....I had a really bad day guys.  Remember me talking about being bullied?  I pretend like i'm not...I pretend like nothing is as bad as middle school....but that girl in my theater class is worse.  She is horrible and relentless and i just...don't understand why me?  Always...why me?  I've had some time to rant to family and my friend but...I just want you guys out there to know that if i seem...less enthusiastic for a little bit or especially after M W or F posts, it's generally because of her....  That's really it.  Thank you all for just...being here.  I am giving all of you virtual hugs.  Goodnight <3

UPDATE:  I realize in those older posts I was more angry at the other girl than the one who got my part, but she turned out to not be so bad.  She still scares me but I can be in the same room as her and not feel horrible.  The girl who got my part has turned out to be one of the meanest, most condescending and rude people I've ever met.  Just trying to semi-clear her friend's name.