Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Info-mania UPDATED

  Hi everyone!  I took a little break this weakend to breath and try (to no avail) to catch up on homework.  Today though, I had another Lion's club meeting that was actually semi-interesting.  It was a basketball player/male cheerleader from the local college who helps fund athletes to go to college.  Ironically, the cute boy next to me from the other school happen to have gone to the same school that guy did and plays Basketball so that was funny.  He was actually very interesting and felt less like a lecture and more like a talk.  I also got a dollar because the nice lady who won it was very generous ^^.  You know what they say, a dollar a day....gets Galen a drink at McDonald's the next?  Something like that.  For now, I have homework to get to.  Also, this weekened on Saturday, I will be seeing the Broadway production of Beauty and the Beast (well looky there, what a coinky-dink) so I probably wont post until Sunday.  I hope sometime this week to get one of my bigger posts done or have something fun to talk about.  I hope everyone enjoyed the art I've done.  It's not great, but it's (sadly) the best I can do.  In case you haven't checked them out, the navigation tabs have been updated.
   The Me+Free tab contains all my art and is organized by comic, specials, concept art, other characters, random, and other subdivisions. 
    Characters is a quick link to bios, art, and information about all of my Original/Fanfiction characters including Lea and Z from Me+Free.  In fact, I just added some older Lea art (the very first), to this page so check it out!
     Video Game Stuff has most of my big posts about videogames including my cosplays and other such things.  It's organized my system/company and then by game.  Pokemon has the biggest section, but hopefully, not for long!
     Videos has a link to both my Youtube and Photobucket, where I post my videos.  On Photobucket, you can also see old Lea (X-Men) art!  It also has the blog posts with the embedded videos organized my content.
    Rant Times has all 5 of the Rants i've done as well as a brief description of the Rant Time genre.  They are in chronological order, although you don't have to read them all to make sense of the others (there are some re-occurring characters though).
   Finally, Reviews and Thoughts On contains all movie and game reviews as well as theories such as this one.
    All of these are constantly updated, but if I ever miss a post and you catch it, please tell me in the comments or shoot me an email!  I'll be continuing to update the pages as we go along, so keep your eyes on them!  Talk to you all soon!  Bye now!  <3

UPDATED:  For those of you who checked out the Characters page, I just finished creating a progression through my characters here!  It has all the art I could find right now.  I have Medi art around somewhere and maybe I'll add it soon.  Hope you enjoy!