Tuesday, January 7, 2014

In the jungle the mighty jungle.....

   The lion sleeps toniiigght.  So, at the beginning of the school year i was told i was invited to Lions or Rotary club.  All i was told is that i would have lunch with them at either La Posta or Uno's and i would talk and try to get them to like me so i have a chance at a scholarship at the end of the year.  There were a lot of other people i know picked for my school and we all got to pick what month and what club.  I picked the Lions club because it meets on Tuesdays, where after lunch i have study hall so i could afford to be late and i prefer Italian food to Mexican food.  I was handed paperwork but never told what to do with it.  I didn't touch it until a week or so ago when i remembered i picked January.  I never heard another word about said clubs.  No clue what do do, what to say, what goes on, anything!
   Today is my last day off from school and I was really confused: do you think they're meeting today even though there's no school?  Luckily, i had enough sense to call around 9:30 and find out the answer was yes.  I quickly wrote up a resume and filled out the ap, showered, dressed, actually put on mascara for once, and left.  The meetings supposedly begin around 11:45 and are catered by whatever place.  I got to Uno's at about 11:35 and creepily waited in the car so i wasn't to early. At 11:43-ish I finally ventured in.  There were 2 people there.  Not only was i basically the first one there, i had to mingle and be nice which is awkward.  A lot of people don't think of me as shy seeing as I'm quite the extrovert, however talking to strangers, especially older than me, is terrifying.  I can hardly talk to people around my age let alone older!!  Only one of the other 3 students arrived (and was rather handsome if i do say so myself) but I didn't really get to talk to him aside from thanking him for holding the door.
   I expected I'd have to throw a little information about myself out and so would he, however after a quick one minute intro, i was silent.  The whole lunch was spent listening to  Senator talk about the budget.  In all truth, I was totally confused.  He was really just listing off statistics but not saying why or what they really meant.  I was beyond confused.  I sat up straight and tries to look interested and listened, hoping for some point but...he never really seemed to reach one!  I have never fallen asleep in a class or lecture, but I felt closer than ever.  As soon as I got home, a wave of weariness hit my like a ton of bricks and I accidentally broke a plate while unloading the dishwasher.  In fact, I'm hardly keeping my eyes open to write this!  I'm going to maybe play some Spelunky to wake up or hell, maybe even go take a nap.  That's it for me today guys, tomorrow it's back into the fire :(