Monday, January 27, 2014

Beauty and the Beast and Clash of Heroes

    Hello everyone!  I'm back from my weekend journey to see Beauty and the Beast!  It was a really great show although some of the choices they took with the Beast were...odd.  Over all I loved it and I even got shirts!  The trip itself was actually kind of stressful but fun.  In one night i had 13oz of steak (the best i've ever had), half a Creme Brulee', half a Chocolate Bombe, and half of the fantastic union strings we order (this coming from a girl who normally eats 6-8oz. of steak and some mashed potatoes and is done).  I can't remember the name of the Chophouse we went to but O lord was it delicious.  Marcello's?  Something like that. 11/10.
     On another note, Friday i decided to set up a surprise for you all!  Recently, I've seen a renewed interest in my Clash of Heroes review.  I really love the game and even at one point made a rudimentary video of me playing it and explaining the core elements.  The first video was shot on a horrible webcam and was just...awful.  Soooo on Friday, i decided to restart!  I opened up a brand new file and started playing!  Using my HD camera on a tripod, I had to make do with what I had but it looks and sounds MUCH better than the Webcam.  I recorded 2 videos: the first being about 15 minutes and showing the prologue, and the next being about 25 minutes and starting the adventure.  I also recorded a few rounds of Spelunky!  These videos still need to be edited and uploaded, but they will be very soon!  The first video is actually all ready!  I will be uploading it to Youtube (hopefully) tonight if Youtube cooperates.  You guys will have to excuse how awkward I am during these first few videos, seeing as I have never done Let's Plays.  I will need your comments about the game audio, how loud/much I speak, and how it looks.  If there is anything I can do to get a better video, I will!  Also, you guys are welcome to submit topics for me to talk about!  You can comment here on the blog, on the videos themselves, or send me a private email here.   There's also a submission box on the right hand side you can use!
     Now, Youtube is having some trouble with copyright recently, causing a lot of my favorite youtubers to flee to other sites.  If I do have something go wrong with copyright, my stuff will all be moved to Photobucket!  There are links to both my Youtube and Photobucket channels as well as individual videos here.
    That's it for me today guys.  Once I get home from costume fittings tonight, I'll start getting that video up (hopefully). I do have a lot of homework, so these videos will be spastic.  If we're lucky, I'll do a 15-20 minute video a week and get them up sometime after recording them.  I do have to edit the videos together because my camera only records about 10 minutes at a time :(.  Anyway, see you all very soon with more fun stuff!!!