Monday, November 4, 2013

Spirit week day 1: Multiplicity moday

Joellen, Myra, and Me!
     Yet again, my school is celebrating a dress up spirit week!  Today was "Multiplicity Monday" where you were supposed to have twins.  At the very last minute i texted my friends "i'm wearing purple!" and this was the result.  Not too bad except my friend took the picture while i was making a derpy face.  Tomorrow though, is the best of all days: Tired Tuesday A.K.A. Pajama day!
    I really don't have much interesting to say today and i have a button of homework, so vote on those polls before i change them out and i'll talk to you all later tomorrow!  I'll be seeing Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters again with Nonnie and Mom.  So, talk to you all then!  Bye!  <3