Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Dante and Chess

   Soooo i hope you guys have been enjoying the recent slew of actual content.  I also added a new
poll!  Today though, let's just talk huh?  How yall doin?  Good?  You're lookin fine.  Been workin out?
   Pleasantries aside, let's talk about my day!  Well, i caught up on 85.77 ish % of the homework i'm behind on and discovered there were 2 typos on my math test so my score went up a bit!  Yaaayyy.  That aside, i have officially joined my school's chess club and i think i check-mated someone for the first time in my life woooo (sorry Joe...).  Next week i'm talking my Wizard chess set!  I only wish it actually worked...although i think i know how i would get it to do so!  Buuut that's a secret ;)
     Now i'm in study hall trying to get some Dante's Inferno done.  Ironically, i have a friend named Dante...in my mom's class...learning Dante.  Weird no?  Anyway, i have to say, Alighieri was....precise.  He just lathers symbolism and all that.  I actually am really enjoying the combo of Catholic and Greek mythology.  I have always been one for all mythology, especially Greek, Norse, and Egyptian.  I'm basically the go to person and i'm not even sure how i know as much as i do.  Ironically, i've only ever read like...the first few sections of the Bible and the rest i've sort of picked up through life so that part's kind of hard for me.  Good thing i have my mom as an expert on that sort of thing.  Plus it's REALLY making me wanna watch Hercules...so i think i will if i get my homework done!
     So anyway, i'm really not all that interesting today i guess.  I'm going to try to make a new posting schedule for you guys but you know me.  I get busy or lazy and well....  I AM almost done with the Pokemon and Me part 3 and then i'll start to work on my top 10 gen 2 pokemon.  I'm still trying to get the Spelunky and Pokemon let's plays up but i think i know how i can sooo i'll try again this weekend.  Btw, people liked this background better.  I'll try out some more later.  So, here's the new poll!  It has 6 days left!   The one on top about my comic only has 2 DAYS LEFT so please vote on that!  You can answer either in the comments, email me, or ya know...vote on the actual poll.  Also!  I'd like some feedback on how this looks on mobile devices!  How is it?  Please comment!

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That's it for me!  Later guys! <3