Friday, November 8, 2013

Spirit week day 4 and 5: Jerk day and school pride day

    So yesterday was a day i hate in particular  You are supposed to dress as a beaten up kid from the other school in their colors.  I have always hated this day, as a lot of students took it to extremes and say and do really mean things.  I instead, wore my choir shirt that says "peace, love, and choir."  I was amused to see a few of my friends had the same idea! Then, today, instead of wearing school colors i just wore my comfy senior sweats with the motto "all for one and 1 4 all" seeing as i graduate in 2014.  Yesterday, i also took little Bilbo to the Vet to get a shot.  He was not happy.  I have another post coming out tonight about what i saw today when pulling up to the school and my thoughts and it'll be everyone's favorite segment: Rant time!!  I also might put up a new poll...Eh.  See you in a little bit everyone <3