Saturday, November 23, 2013


  Today took an interesting turn.  My mom said she'd take me at 8 to get my blood work done.  Mind you, this is the first time in my life.  I was having a pretty interesting dream about the end of the world and such when i started to wake up thinking it was time to go.  My phone was in the other room and i don't have a clock, so i assumed since my mom hadn't woken me up, it wasn't time to go yet.  I went back to sleep.  At 10:30, my mom comes in and says "Gaaallen Nelliiiieesss" which is the name of a mexican food restaurant.  I sleepily asked what to which she replied "we're going to nellie's get ready!"  I stared at her.  I hadn't eaten since 7 last night.  "You mean blood work?"  "..........."  There was silence.  "Oh ya."  With that i was practically thrown into the shower and had <5 min to get ready.
my wound
    When i did, i was hurled into the car with my father who is ALSO afraid of needles and had to go to get it all done.  I nearly had a heart attack.  It wasn't all that bad but any sort of needle makes me want to just die.  Afterward, i was sent back to the lobby to wait while my dad got his done.  While there, i overheard the other 3 people in the room talking about a guy in a town not too far away dying from getting a flue shot (which i just got 2 days ago) and just got more upset.  Eeeeehhhh.
    After that, we went to lunch.  I generally don't eat all that much but today i had 2 tacos, rice, beans, and a bean and cheese burrito, with a sopapilla and honey for dessert.  After all that, i went to the Museum of Natural History downtown with my sister, her fiance, and 2 of her friends.  We then went bowling!!!  I lov bowling.  I LOVE BOWLING.  However, i don't really have a lot of friends and the ones i do have arent exactly hanging out friends.  The last time i was at the bowling alley was a year ago for Camille's birthday.  Soooo we played 2 and a half rounds and i got 3rd i think both times and was in 2nd on the last game.  Soooooooo ignore that calendar i posted XD  I'll attempt to get at least 1 Pokemon X video up tomorrow and maybe the other the next day.
   That was my adventurous day!  Guys please vote on the poll so i know if i should put videos up on here.  Please?  Anyway, that's it!  Night night friends