Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Adventures in illness

  Guess who's sick?  If you guessed me, you're right!  If you guessed yourself....well...are you?  I'm terribly sorry if you are.  Let us be home, sick in our beds, far far away from each other together <3  Anyway, i'm feeling super awful.  But i think i might try to upload those videos today as well as do homework, and maybe a bit of liveblogging over the course of the day if anything interesting pops up.
    Couple things.  1, vote on those polls before they dissapear!  2, for those of you who don't know, my mum's books are all linked right next to the share button and my profile on the right side and NOW, i've added the link to my post about getting ebooks on your computer!  These are constant links and you should really check them out.  3, if in fact people don't like to see my videos, i might make some anyway but just not post them here and instead on youtube.  If i do so, my page is here i think.  otherwise, click here then go to my page from there.  
    What's the plan for the day?  Pla some Pokemon, watch some youtube, get tons of homework done.  I'll keep you guys posted!  Bye!!!  <3  (check for updates on this post)

UPDATE 11:13:  Halfway through the day.  I got a bit of Pokemon done.  I decided my main team was getting way to over powered so i made a team of Kalos only pokemon and have been beefing them up.  I want to say a few things real quick.  1.  The money and experience system in X and Y is...flawed.  I need a lot of $ so i can buy clothes, so i fight a bunch of trainers.  I get a lot of XP for fighting a lot of trainers so my pokemon become hideously ahead.  My rival is still using only 3 pokemon all around lvl 30 where even my lowest pokemon is about level 38.  Then, i STILL don't have enough $ for the good clothes so i have to do the job minigames.  It all seems....flawed.  I've had to spam using the amulet coin and the Prize Money O-Power to make enough $ to afford pokeballs, healing stuff, and all the other features.  Flawed.
    Anyway, i'm going to try to get almost all of Dante's inferno done now so i don't have to do it later!  Off to wotk i go!  

UPDATE 11:37:   How are you supposed to work with THIS on your arm???

UPDATE 12:53:  Hey guys, finally remembered i was going to try uploading my X Let's play!  I'm working on getting that up right now so we'll see how well it works today.  Also, about to start studying for my History test tomorrow....

UPDATE 2:25:  Eeeehhhhh i got through the crossword and i'll do the notecards later.  I'm just dying for that thanksgiving break.  For now, it's time for some Beauty and the Beast!    

UPDATE 6:46:  So i finished Beauty and the Beast and played some pokemon but my ds somehow turned off so all the progress i made like evolving 3 pokemon dissapeared so i was super bummed.  Luckily 2 were by stones so i was able to redo those quickly but noooowww i'm doing a bunch of homework.  This is probably the last update of the night but you never know.  BTW don't forget to vote on the pooolllzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

UPDATE 8:05:  One hour left till the Pokemon video is up!