Friday, November 22, 2013

The conundrum of subs and MU

    You see, many people loving having a sub because they don't have to do work.  I on the other hand, like it upon occasion.  Now, i love when a sub actually knows the subjct they are subbing for and can help with the busy work your teacher generally asign.  I hate busy work.  I hate it.  It drives me crazy.  I also dislike when subs try to teach something, often a movie, and end up interupting while trying to teach people.
     What i do love though, is when you're miles ahead in a class or can catch on quickly and you get to watch a disney/pixar movie!!  Specifically, Monster University!  If you didn't catch the hint, i'm in 3rd period watching MU ^^  I love this movie <3  I can understand why a lot of kids didn't because they don't get the college stuff and what makes it so fantastic, but on my way to college it is just fantastic ^^  I'mma enjoy the movie and talk to you all later!  <3

BTW Little Randal is the cutest thing on earth