Friday, November 1, 2013

James and the giant.....o my

   Hello everyone!  I hope you enjoyed the plethora of spooky posts yesterday (4 in total).  Today was interesting to say the least.  I got to go to Chile's with my family for dinner and then to see James and the Giant Peach.  Ironically, one of my friends who once played King Arthur in a play with me as his bird, Cully, was playing Aunt Spiker.  Another of my acting friends was the centipede and the awesome lady who taught me to use swords was the cricket!  My sister's best friend came with me whereas my sister had to chaperon her schools dance.  The play started with jokes about a guy with snakes in his pants and from their, the friend and i found waaaayyy to many inappropriate innuendos in the play and had a jolly good time.  I had never seen the movie or read the book, but it was actually a really great production and i'm so glad i got to see it!
    After, we went to get some Sweet Cici's with the 10% off coupons we got with our programs for the show!  I got cake batter with white chocolate chips, coconut, and pink sprinkles cause i mean...who doesn't love pink sprinkles??
    Tomorrow, i'll be watching Eggbuster's livestream all day so feel free to join me and donate to his cause!  I'm off to relax so goodnight everyone!