Saturday, November 30, 2013

Frozen, Stressed, and Pirates

    The day began with helping my mother get the Christmas decorations down.  I even had to run to walmart to buy some more bins for decorations as well as food and coffee for the family.  I also had to stop by to feed my grandmother's cat who was never really socialized.  The poor thing is the most loving cat i've ever met, but my grandparents never really played with him or even really pet him and just let him hide under the bed.  I however, make a point to lay down beside the bed and pet him everyday before they take me to school and when we pick up Bilbo from his play-date at their house after school.  My grandparents went to my cousin's for Thanksgiving and i've been caring for Domino for the past few days.  Toda, he was actually out from under the bed and i took the time to stop and coax him over to me with a treat.  After 5 minutes of sitting patiently, he came over and smothered me with love.  He stayed out with me, forcing me to pet him by headbutting my hands, until i had to go about 20 minutes later.  He followed me around the house and even meowed at me which he has never done so a war was won this day.
    Afterwards, i went to go see Frozen.  Frozn was absolutely adorable and fittingly, i went to see it with my sister!  I like to think of it as the ice version of Tangled, one of my other favorite Disney movies.  Ironically, Frozen is based on the Snow Queen which was my first ever play.  I regrettably remember that i was a snow drift -_-    The Snow Queen may have started my acting career, but i had one line.  My line was "Is this going to mess up my hair?"  Mind you, i was in my hardcore tomboy stage and hated every moment, begging for another part.  I was also a flower in a leotard a size or 2 too small.  Siiiiiiiigggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh.  However, Frozen was a beautiful movie with a lot of great songs and was so different yet similar, i didn't realize it until my sister pointed it out.  I definitely suggest you watch it and take the family!
     However, my day took a sudden plumet as i exited the theater.  I read my texts and found out my group project wasn't going so well.  I had stayed up last night working as you all know and had repeatedly sent emails and texts to my group. asking certain things to be done.  One text sent me into a spiral of anger.  I checked my email and realized NO ONE had sent me ANYTHING.  The project is due Wedns.  I nearly had a heart attack and on the day that is supposed to be one of my favorites.  Today was Nonnie's annual pre-Christmas party, where we all get our presents so on Christmas she can celebrate it at home and not have a bunch of people over.  I always get a calendar and generally one other thing and normally, i'm ecstatic, but i was sent into a rage.  I felt like curling up and crying.  However, once i was handed my first present and felt it over, i instantly lightened up.  I threw off the paper to reveal what i had asked for so vigorously
  AAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWW YEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH.  I have always loved the Ology books.  I have all 3 Dragonolgies as well as both Wizardologies and Monsterology.  I also got the most beautiful Disney calendar ever and spent half the party with my sister and her fiance looking at the pictures and finding hidden characters on each page!  Now, i need to take a break, read about some Pirates, and maybe watch a little Youtube.  Thank you internet for allowing me to rant <3  Also, if i have time after "working" with my group tomorrow, i might have a pack opening to do as i got another pack for shopping today!  Night!  <3