Saturday, November 9, 2013


    Hello and good early morning all!  Today, i'm about to set out to my 4th "rally" for Mesa Day.  Mesa is (apparently) "math science engineering achievement" and in short, is a club where you do robots and make mouse trap cars and yada yada yada.  I've been in it all my high school life, but because i didn't have any room in my schedule for a science class, i'm not even getting credit for this year.  Each year, by participating in events, you earn points which translate to money for a scholarship.  In total, it can reach up to $1000.  I need that $1000.  But nope.  Not to mention, my team has gone to state each year.  My freshman year we got to state and got something low i can't even remember.  But, the next 2 years i went to state, my team placed in the top 10 or higher (i can't really remember).  This year, i am not really participating because what's the point, but my team still needs me, thus i am there.
    My bus leaves at 8 a.m. and i needed to wake up a bit so i thought i's say hi guys!  This is also in case i get busy with something tonight and don't post.  I did put up 2 new posts and a new background!  How do you like it?  The first poll is

How do you like the new Background:
Worse than the last pink one
Better than the last pink one
Other/don't care

and the second (which you can select multiple answers on) is

Would you like to see more comic on here?  
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   So that's it!  Wish me luck at this regional rally so i can go to state again!  Remember, i posted twice yesterday so make sure you read both! Bye! <3