Sunday, November 10, 2013

Thor 2 no spoilers and yesterday's news!

   I...i can't even talk about this without spoiling anything.  It's too amazing!  I will say i absolutely loved it and really liked the combonation of Star Wars aspects with Old Norse mythology and LotR like scenes and moments.  Plus Loki.  Gotta love Loki.  Oh and Thor's shirtless scene.  Yeeeessss shirtless is good.  Now, i might do a review in a week or two once people have had some time to see it.

   Now, if you read yesterday's post, you'll know bout my adventures with MESA.  Weeellll.  The competition consisted of 2 parts: the prepared design/the thing we made ahead of time and the on-site challenge.  The on-site consisted of a test and designing a water-conserving house.  Well, we had extra time before the on-site while the others ate lunch (we ate earlier) and so i designed it ahead of time and designed the stuff for my friends.  While they took the test, i began the drawings for the house.  We also thought we did really well on the prepared design which i had no part in designing but did help do stuff at the competition.
The 1st place trophy (really small this year...)
   What happened?  We won 1st for the on site challenge!  The weird thing is, i could have sworn we did better than one group.  The prepared design was supposed calculated by how heavy your device was, how fast it went, and if it got the required weights to each city.  Another team we wanted was 2 KG heavier, took 30sec less, but didn't get the required weight to the biggest city.  I was sure we'd get 4th or 3rd.  Somehow, we got 5th (which didn't get a trophy this year) and that team got 3rd.  I'm so confused.  But hey, 1st and 5th is great!  This was also just the rally, or basically the practice test so we have time to fix it up before we go to state.  Sadly, unlike a year or 2 ago when we all got medals, this year we got a trophy that has to go to the school that doesn't even have our names on it and is kinda tiny in comparison to the previous ones and sports ones....