Tuesday, February 18, 2014

11 Hours

   Hey everyone.  a quick recap on my horrible weekend.

Sat- Start Beauty and the Beast practice at 9.  Work entire play until 1.  get lunch with Jaimi.  Go to MESA Day practice from 2-3:30 (we are going to the state competition on Sunday).  Notice something you said should be done to the device at the rally in November has still not been done.  Hear the coordinator say the same thing should be done.  Go to Office Max and Home Depot to look at supplies for MESA project.  Take Jaimi home, go home, eat, sleep.

Sun- Try to upload Clash of Heroes part 2.  Pick up Jaimi at 12:00.  Go to buy supplies.  Get home   and begin working nonstop on work another member of our group should have done over the past 2 weeks but refused to do out of laziness.  Research, write, design, and write some more for 11 STRAIGHT HOURS with Jaimi (not the member who refused to do work who has done nothing to aid this process whatsoever).  Realize video wouldn't upload and will have to try again later.  Discover practice tomorrow will not be providing lunch like they said they would. Finally get to bed with Jaimi sleeping over.  Bilbo attacks us through the entire night.

Mon- Get up and ready in 15 minutes and go to Village Inn since we are basically out of food.  Eat french toast and some ie then swing at nearest park for 15 minutes and head to practice. Get there at 9:55.  Director with keys to the building arrives 10:10ish.  Work.  Eat tiny sack lunch mom threw together for Jaimi and I.  Work more.  Finish up at 5:30.  Wait for Jaimi's dad.  Go get gas and pick up dinner.  Finally get home.  Have breakdown.  Go straight to bed.

Tues- Going to go sing for 5th graders (while sick) from 8:30 to 1:30, get home to do some             homework, then drive all the way to my school at 4:00 to run a few scenes where I have 2             lines and then have to drive all the way home and finish homework+catch up on what I                   missed.