Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A Blast From The Past! Page 1

   Man oh man are the days winding down.  Senior years has only 3 days left!  This Friday, Joellen, Jaimi, and I are all going out of town to stay at a hotel, visit the Zoo, and play on some go-karts!  Plus the Tinker and I might be doing something soon ^^  Also, if you guys are freaking about your final grade in a class, use this handy post!
     Now, one thing about being a senior is the memories: the act of reminiscing on 4 years ago when you entered as a doupy little freshman.  Well, in my English class, we were given the chance to write letters to ourselves at the end of the year, then our teacher would mail it to us our senior year.  I got mine in the mail just yesterday!  I opened it up with gusto and accidentally didn't read two of the 5 pages XD.  Today, I'd like to share with you all how I was 4 years ago so we can all laugh at how dumb I was together.  Now, these are very long letters so I won't be writing it all out, you just have to read my handwriting (which may have been better?!).  I will however, be answering all the questions to myself at the bottom or something!  Also, one at a time so 5 POSTS GUYS!!!!!

Yes, yes, yes, yes.
What you'll do next is continue school, get a different writing partner, and become a blogger!
No one else has so...
Good, although you, dear past self, answered for me I suppose.
       Let me bring up some concerns I have with younger self.  A, I have no sense of paragraph structure and no train of thought.  B, like Allie Brosh's younger self in her book exclusive post about her time capsule letter, I'm concerned younger me believes I have forgotten my identity and all the events of Freshman year.  However, the recap is nice, giving me some dates to memories.  As you all know, Freshman year was hard for me, and so It's interesting to see I was so perky by the end of the year.
      So, that's the first part of the letter to myself!  I'm having to do some stuff for school so these might not all be up tonight!