Saturday, August 23, 2014

Adventures with Lea #4: My First Gaming Convention!!

    If you haven't seen it, I also posted the August "Heroes" Loot Crate Opening today.  It's awesome so give it a look!

    This weekend was my first ever Gaming convention--or really, convention of any kind!  I was going to vlog, but decided against it over all.  Instead, as the pictures get posted to Facebook, I'll be adding the pictures taken by other people at the con of me in my Chell Cosplay, although it was too hot to wear the blue undershirt.  Keep an eye out for this post to be updated with those.  Let's start with Friday.

     Friday, the convention began at 3 and lasted until 9.  For the 2 day pass, it was $25, with $5 off for
students, so $20 for me.  I got there around 3:30 and left about an hour later.  In that time, I circled the small convention about 5 times with the Tinker, played the new Mario Kart which is very interesting (especially since we couldn't figure out how to see the stats on the bikes), and purchased a handmade black Luma and an Ash Ketchum hat!  Then, we left to get Luna Rossa and I headed home.  Afterwards, I went to play games with my sister and she adored by black luma and requested one of her own, so I had a mission.

   Saturday was much different.  I went early, around 1:30 to get a Green Luma for Connie and a Blue Luma for Tristan.  They were $2 less than the previous day when I bought mine which was nice.  I took Connie hers straight away at the mall, where they invited me to see The Giver with them which I did.  I personally hated the book in 6th grade and the idea of a Utopia still terrifies me, but the movie was very good.  After that, I took Joellen with me to the con again to enter the cosplay contest as Chell!  I met Kortni, cosplaying as Lulu from League of Legends, as well as this awesome group who cosplayed as Deaadpool, Emma Frost, Cyclops, and Rouge!  The contest was small enough that all 4 judges (and Pikachu, judge #5) gave favorite awards and the top 3 of the anime and gaming categories all got prizes, so literally everyone.  I was one of the judge's favorites, so I got an Auvio HDMI Switch which I'm not 100% sure what to do with.  Maybe I'll sign the box and do my very first giveaway????????  If that sounds cool, leave a comment or give me a better idea.

   After the competition, I spent two hours playing Just Dance, Mortal Kombat 2, Marvel vs Capcom, and Mario Kart with Joellen.  I bought myself a creeper backpack that's perfect hugging size too!  For some perspective, a 12 inch Creeper plush costs $22 at Hot Topic; I bought my near double sized Creeper for $21 and he has a little zipper for stuff!  I also found a pink Wii remote with motion plus, which are about $40 at Gamestop, for $20 with batteries ^^.  Finally, I found the ancient Mew promo card which I've always wanted and never had for a dollar including a protective sleeve.

Vendor Item Cost
Gaming Con 2 Day All Entry Pass $20
Neko Angel Mew Card+Sleeve $1
Tarabako Black, Green, and Blue Luma $17
Floyd's Gold and Pawn Pink Wii Remote with Motion Plus $20
Bear's Cave Comics or Onigiri Amigurumi (i'm not sure which and neither have a link) Creeper Hat ($25 with a $4 markdown) and Ash Hat ($15) $36
Cosplay Contest Auvio Hdmi Switch (worth ~$20) $0

+a $1 Soda $104

   Overall, although it cost some money and time, it was very much fun to experience a gaming convention!  It was small, but it was nice to get to see other people passionate about gaming who will come and give you some tips on how to play games you never have before, how to pull off a cosplay, and other awesome stuff.  I cant wait for Comic Con which is the weekend of Sept. 5th!!  I'll try to contain my wallet a bit better that time.  Now, for some tips!

Lea's Tips:
  1. Have Cash
    1. Most vendors, especially at smaller conventions, will want cash.
      1. Especially multiple types of bills.  I was caught in the "only have $20s" conundrum whereas the Tinker was in the "only has $1s" fix.
    2. Plus, it's easier for you to keep track of your spending.  
  2. Go with a friend
    1. It's way more fun if you have someone to do the co-op games with and to stop you from (or in my case, encourage you to) buy things.  
  3. Bring a bag
    1. I brought my old YWIC bag to carry my Companion Cube, things I bought, wallet, 3DS, and extra cosplay items
      1. I suggest a "tote" bag--one that can carry all the things you buy and bring
  4. Keep track of what you buy--no object left behind!
    1. I nearly lost my Ash hat at the Mario Kart station, but luckily I checked before leaving the parking lot and was lucky to catch it before anyone took it.  
    2. Also, watch your money and bags.  I'm a pretty careless person, so i put my bags essentially on my feet whenever I sat so I had to grab them as I got up.  
  5. Look at the list of events ahead of time
    1. I was lucky to have heard about the cosplay contest on Friday, otherwise, I never would have known.  Most conventions post a list of vendors and events, and ours did too--one that I didn't notice.  
  6. Have a good time
    1. There's no point to cosplaying or going to events if not to have fun!
    2. Go in a group, wear a costume or a nerdy shirt, and meet other people who share your nerd-dom!  I suggest starting out small, at events like this one, before going to big ones like SDCC
    3. If you have a 3DS, bring it to streetpass!  I only got a total of 8 so I'm hoping I'll get more at Comic Con.    
    So that's it for this one guys!  I will be attending the comic con as well, with my Star-Lord Cosplay enhanced!  Hope you guys enjoyed this post.  Night!  <3