Saturday, March 29, 2014

What's better than 10:00 Pizza?

  11:00 Cupcakes.  I saw a TV show with cupcakes and felt the need to bake.  I now have 18 vanilla cupcakes (or had until my mother and father at 1 and 2 respectively -_- ), a batch of chocolate ones on the way, and a classic vanilla butter cream that will be colored "mint green."  It was that kind of a day.

   I also made business cards for my grandmother's stained glass business.  I'm essentially the sales rep.  If y'all want stained glass crosses, night-lights for the holidays (Easter is the current one), Madonnas (not the singer), Holiday themed designs such as shamrocks and turkeys, football helmets, or polished stone jewlery, email The Bored Old Lady and we'll negotiate!  Oh, and the rooster pictured is one she made and gave to my mum and is currently hanging in a picture frame in the dining room.  I'd also love some feedback on this card btw!  It's standard business card size.  You like?  You no like?  Do tell!