Sunday, January 4, 2015

Pokemon ORAS Rant

   As much as I'm loving Alpha Sapphire, I just walked into Mauville city and honestly, I'm disappointed.  I always had a fondness for the small city, as the daycare was right next to the town and the game corner was right there.  I used to spend hours there playing the slots, but the game corner has been closed down due to restrictions on gambling in games.  The games always had a sort of game corner up until that point and I LOVED the Mauville one.  It is one of my favorite features of Emerald alongside the also removed battle tents where you used Pokemon other than yours.

    Not to mention that Mauville has expanded and is now difficult to navigate which I've noticed is a growing trend in the recent games.  I understand that yes, there has been a lawsuit about Pokemon creating a gambling addiction etc etc but it's a game with no real money or consequences and this is a remake, not the newest generation.  I know it might sound petty and a silly thing to be sad about, but I've honestly been glancing over at my Advanced SP thinking about just running around in Emerald instead.  Emerald is most likely my favorite Pokemon game and one of my favorite games ever and I'm just sad to see little tweaks that were made because of how times have changed.

     Another nitpick I have is with the aforementioned battle tent things being replaced with pokemon contests.  Pokemon contests were my #1 favorite feature of Emerald and I do agree that having them in more towns is more like the Anime, but I loved the Battle Tents too.  It is true that in Sapphire and Ruby they were contest halls, but I prefer the Battle Tents I grew up with in Emerald.  Plus, the best part of contests was making the blocks with that awesome minigame which has been removed for streamlining.  Also, I find Lisia INSUFFERABLE.  I'd like to know if other people agree with me or if there's anything that has you upset too.

    On a good note, the 3D models of characters like Steven and Brandon make them look hot soooooooo that's a step up at least.  I also discovered Brandon has brown hair with a hat not white hair.....mind blown.

Sorry for the random rant out of know where.  I posted this to facebook and figured I'd like to know your thoughts on it too, so tell me whatcha think!  This is by no means a full review of this game and I'm still very VERY early in, so I will hopefully have more cheer to spread about this game soon.