Friday, January 16, 2015

The Ornithologist's Guide to College

   Day 1:  After the studies conducted during the previous half of the year, I have ventured into the Aviary once again.  This time however, I'll be conducting in depth research on the mating patterns and social habits of the birds present.  As such, I will be disguising myself as one of them and attempting to integrate into their society.  Let us begin.

    I have judged that it is best to arrive extremely early in order to locate a safe spot for my transportation that will not bother the other wildlife.  Sadly, there are many obstacles and walking will be very much a fact.  I have suited myself in a similar fashion as many of the birds, however taking a dark coloration to try and blend in without being to audacious.  However, my sister has decided to join me in my expedition and is trying a more bright approach with a yellow coloration.  The experiment shall prove very interesting.
     I begin the day in a roost for the highest level of birds refereed to as the "Crimsoni scholarius" or more commonly refereed to as Topten Percentus.  These birds are generally fragile and small, but clever and able to survive in harsh conditions with the use of careful tactics.  This particular group is currently studying the natural rock formations, led by a larger bird with checkered like feathers.  I have taken a perch upon a branch close to the ground to pretend at pecking as the other birds do.  I am suddenly approached by a rather lanky brown male and an accompanying smaller slick fathered female who sits beside me!  What a discovery!  They chirp at me quite politely and make introductions then swiftly fly off after a thorough pecking of the rubble.
     After a short flight walk to the next study location, I have discovered two other researchers!  They are observing if birds are able to understand the angle of their flight.  Very important stuff.  I however am set on observing their capacity for complex equations of the upper level and have found quite a few birds in the same space.  Another male perches by me!  Two behind me tweet of a subject I am rather interested in, but I hold my tongue to attempt to stay blended.  
     At meal time I regrouped with my sister to discuss notes and then acquire the funding for the expedition.  Finally, I preform an experiment using a typewriter and the birds in the next area.  I was lucky enough to have one of the aforementioned researchers with me to observe.  Many of the birds are the ones observed last season, but there are a few new ones!  The experiment ended in success.  The birds seem highly attracted to the typewriter!  Fascinating.
     Will soon add pictures of the observed.  Scientific community awards here I come!

Day 2:  A secondary study has been enacted.  I arrived early to the site and observed it carefully.  The area is a large tree which can fit a large number of birds, however it is cramped.  I had to squeeze in carefully alongside them.  I only found one bird I was familiar with.  The birds tweeting at the top were most annoying.  They act as though I do not speak bird!  I tweet better than most.  Hmpf.  The nerve.  This will surely be the hardest study to endure.  I will try to keep extensive notes on the mating rituals and interactions.  More entries to come.