Saturday, September 13, 2014

Adventures with Lea #5: My First Comic Con

   Sooo, as you all should know, this weekend was the first ever comic con in my region!  Jaimi, Chris, and I saddled up for the occasion with costumes as the Guardians of the Galaxy.  I think these videos mostly explain my adventure!

  • Lots of vendors
  • Lots of games to play in the awesome game room
    • We played Takenoko and Cash&Guns, both of which I highly recommend.  We wanted to play D&D but it was full....
  • A lot of cool people in cosplay!
  • A lot of nifty things to look at like the bat-mobile and delorean.
  • Our first ever comic con!
  • A really funny and awesome MC for the cosplay contest.
  • Items sold were pretty cheap, such as my evenstar which was only $10 and looks pretty good!
Cons: (ha, a pun)
  • Mostly artists doing requests, and I'm not one to get prints but for other people who like them, this would have been great for you XD.
  • Very small room for the games which I think should have been way bigger since everyone was into it!
    • Live and learn though.
  • I didn't get as many pictures as I'd have liked with cosplayes and we didn't win the contest ;(
    • Not the con's fault but still sad.
  • Not a lot of things I really wanted to buy.  The things I did were sadly, still expensive such as the comics being $5 each, just like at the local comic shop rather than being discounted for the con like I'd hoped.
  • The area was big enough to fit all the vendors, but I wish there were more stands, and more things to do.  The con was good and it has potential for future years
  • The contest, as well as the after hours shows, were horribly organized.
    • We were told we'd get free entry to two events with our 3-day pass, but when trying to enter the one Friday after the con, we were told it was sold out and we were supposed to get wristbands which they never mentioned.
    • For the contest, they had us (all the costume contestants) line up on the outside wall and wait for near an hour, and then proceeded to legitimately yell at all the people against the wall saying we were supposed to have entered 15 minutes before, even though no staff nor the coordinator had come to get all of us until that point and made snide comments to the audience that we were the reason it was late.
      • By yell, I mean YELL.  The person running it and one of the security guys (the guy at the door -_-) yelled so loudly, people could hear it all the way in the game room.
  • The cost
    • Gaming con, which was also expensive, was $25 for both days, but a $5 discount for students, making it only $20, so $10 each day.
      • This included free entry into any of the contests, free play of any of the games, and free entry to the costume contest.
    • Comic con was $35 (when ordered ahead of time) or $40 (on the day of) for the whole weekend, $25 for Saturday alone, and $20 for Sunday alone.  There were no 2 day passes.
      • The burlesque show and nerd rave were $10 additional for anyone without the 3 day pass
      • An autograph of up to 3 items by Jim Steranko or Ray Park was $30 and a picture with either (unless you asked nicely like i did with Jim) was an additional $10.  
        • If you wanted to get an autograph and a picture with both men, it would be $80
      • All other pictures with the batmobile, turtle truck, etc. were $10 each. 
      • Then of course, Cody bought a $4 hotdog soooo...

Lea's Tips:
  • Basically the same as Game con, but bigger!
  • Take more friends and more money
    • Honestly though, I probably liked the merch at game con better????
  • Ask at the door about any rules you're confused on, don't take things for granted, such as the "free" shows.  They are lies.  
  • Give the floor plan a look ahead of time so you know where cool stuff will be.
  • Have Fun!!!!!
Picture time!!!!!