Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Bad Day = Delays

   Hey guys.  I got in my first ever wreck today.  I'm too shaken up about it to even do an Adventure with Lea post.  Everyone turned out ok but I thought I should tell you guys that I am in sort of a crappy spot in life right now.  I am so far hating 2 out of 4 classes--one because it is too slow and easy and the other because the teacher explains nothing and makes no sense.  We actually had a snow day on Thursday which I intended to post about but I couldn't even do that because of how badly I'm feeling.  Life is kind of hitting me hard if you couldn't guess from some recent posts.  I have a few videos I want to upload that I'll have up by the end of the week and as of posts, I will try to get back on track, but I've recently had very little motivation to do much of anything. 
      I have also seen a huge decline in views recently and I worry that I'm not interesting or not posting enough.  I want this blog to grow and blossom and make people happy, but I haven't seen that yet, so it's adding to my anxiety.  I'll decide I want to post, make a deadline, and start to write, then lose the motivation and feel worse and worse about not writting it so I procrastinate more.  I suggest reading this post by Allie Brosh for a perfect understanding of what I'm feeling.
     But, I am still here.  I'm still making my comic, even if it's hard for me to remember to do Holiday specials since I'm in a really cool arc.  I'm still thinking of post ideas.  I'm still trying to write.  So please, bare with me a little longer until I can get my life back in order.  Thank you <3