Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Trolololololol mom had this statue of Michelangelo's David from her mom right?  Well, she hates it because his bits are uncovered.  A few years ago, one of the shepherds of our Christmas nativity broke and i made David stand in.  Mom hated it.  She's had it hidden from me for a while until I suddenly found him again a few days ago and started hiding him all over the house in places she'd be: on her coffee maker, her dresser, on her nook, by the pizza, around the cupcakes I made, etc etc.  Well, after I left him right on the counter with a note saying "Welcome Home <3" she hid him from me and wont give him back.  We-he-hell, I am getting my revenge.  One by one, I'm changing all the pictures in the house to this.  Hehehe.  It's already begun!!  I'll add one more each day until she notices and then do them all in one explosion of Slothstronaut!

   Also, yesterday, Google had a great challenge of looking all over Google maps to find 150 Pokemon, some from each generation!  I caught all 150.....eeeexxxccceeepppttt 151-Mew.  Mew moved all over the map and I just couldn't catch him ;-; But here's proof I got 150!  And of course, my favorite, Umbreon!!!