Wednesday, May 14, 2014

So Sorry Guys/Road Trip!

   Hey everyone.  I've been extremely busy lately.  This was my last week of school so it's been crazy.  Here's a quick catch up.

7:30 -12:00 a.m.   Had AP English exam
       1:00 - 4:00    Played Pool and Quelf and went to the park with Tinker and Jaimi.  I saw cute!
      Rest of the night:  Made a playlist for the trip, packed, and all that jazz.

8:00-10:00 a.m.   Went to school.  Had a potluck and derped around in mom's room.
     10:00-11:00   Get gas, get some cokes, start up the Ipod, and begin trip with Jo and Jaimi!
      12:00-4:00    Bob-O's is the greatest thing ever.  First, we did mini golf!  I wore long sleeves like a derp and got too hot.  I lost track of how many we each won, but i got a hole in one one time!
Too cool off, we did the bumper boats and got super wet and that was awful XD  We got on the "dizzy drums" a.k.a. tea cups to dry off.  Then, the Go-Karts.  Jaimi didn't give me a concussion this time so that was good.  I actually beat everyone soooo!  We rode the spinning things again and then played Lazer tag where I got 8th out of like...25 so yay!  It's way better than Hinkle's!  
Also got this fabulous haul from the arcade!  2 bouncy balls, a cholocate...bunny....rubber duck...a football, and a pink egg timer!
       4:00-5:00   Got to the awesome hotel!  We were like, 10 feet from the lobby and 5 feet from the pool and parking lot so nothing was far away!  Played Quelf hehehehe
       5:00-7:30 ish Dinner at P.F. Chang's, my favorite Chinese restaurant.  Jaimi had never been so we got the lettuce wraps (best thing ever), Sesame Chicken for Joellen, Sweet and Sour for me, and Mongolian Beef for Jaimi and we shared of course.  Jo got a great wall of chocolate for desert and Jaimi and I got a sampler with Tirimisu, caramel cake, and a lemon bar thingy.  Yum yum ^^
    7:45 ish-9:00 or something   Played ball in the pool with one Jaimi won at the prize grab and Marco Polo.  The pool had 3 sections with a seperated wadding pool for the 3 little kids that were there so we had the main pool all to ourselves.
   9:00-10:30  Played Ticket to Ride where I promptly won.
  10:30-12:00 Played Apples to Apples to near completion.  Then bed time.

8:00-9:00 a.m.  We thought it was complimentary breakfast.................
    12:00-4:00  Got back and Jaimi and I went bowling with our boys.  Then went to the Park to play Quelf.
      4:00-7:00  Jaimi and Kyle decide to go to a movie Tinker and I weren't thrilled about so we went to my place to play Castle Crashers!
    7:00-11:30  All 4 of us went to my house to play Ticket to Ride.  Jaimi killed us.  Jaimi spent the night so I didn't have to drive her home.

Early O' Clock  Had to make a roast for mother's day.  Got cake and hung out with the family all day

All Morning       Watched Corpse Bride, Coraline, and James and the Giant Peach.
        5:30-7:00  Choir practice
        7:00-7:40  Hang out with Tinker at park to just talk
        8:00-9:30ish  Sing at courthouse.  Went to the wrong courthouse.
        9:30           Mom's mother's day gifts came!
Mom's Jedi Robe.  Also got Lightsaber earrings, Yoda slippers, Elvish ear clips like mine, Han Solo in carbonite ice cube trays, and a The Empire Wants You poster.  All via

8:00-12:00 a.m. Chores!  Had to
                          1.)  Write thank you cards
                          2.)  Buy gift cards for teachers
My award!
                          3.)  Get Senior pictures for all my teachers
                          4.)  Squeeee over everything at Hastings
                          5.)  Go to school, give stuff, and get my check out card signed.
                          6.)  Go to Fafsa office and Keva Juice with Tinker, then home.
      12:00-2:00  Clean house and let Tinker play Assassin's Creed 4
        2:00-6:00  Picked up Jaimi and brought her over.  Jaimi hates games, but we actually got her to play and enjoy Castle Crashers!  I had her play as the Purple Knight since he's so ridiculous I knew she'd love him.  We played all the way to the last fire level and then headed to concert practice.
       6:00-8:00  Had practice then a concert.  I got an award and a medal!
     8:00-10:00  Got donuts with the crew and bought a flashlight at walmart.  Went to the Hamster park (it has wood chips everywhere) to play hide and seek in the dark and I didn't even get scared!!  Again, Jaimi stayed over.

11:30a.m.-4:00p.m.  Took the horrible AP Euro Exam
Also, I have the best dad ever and he's getting me a bloomin onion from Texas Roadhouse and Pizza ^^  I am so happy.

     So that's all I have for today guys!  Tomorrow is my birthday!!!  My Tinker and Jaimi have some sort of surprise for me ^^  I'll have more pictures and some videos up as soon as possible!  I'll try to be more acive but I suddenly have a life :0  Have a wonderful night everyone!!!  Love you all!  <3