Friday, February 21, 2014

Rant Time: Trust (Part 1)

     An adventurer takes risks at every turn, each choice could make or break a hero.  The first choice: who you are.  What will you be?  A mage?  A warrior?  A scholar?  Or will you be as you've become-a true adventurer.  You have made the noble decision to take on many forms, to try many hands and crafts, and explore many worlds.  However, this choice could be your end.
    Beyond yourself, there are other choices to be made.  An adventurer is nothing without companions.  You must hand pick a select few to trust in your perhaps never ending travels.  You have had many companions come and go, but finally, you believe yourself to have a fellowship rivaled by none.  You have gathered the following:

Your smithy
     1 Scholar:  High Intelligence and Constitution focused mainly into magics and crafting.  A sweet person handy at all times and a long-time companion.  You've fought many battles at her side.
    1 Smithy:  High Charisma and Dexterity. A hardy companion who can be trusted with many
tasks and who is pure fun to be around.  Without her, there is no adventure to be had!
    1 Bard:  High Charisma and Wisdom.  Although many adventures she is absent, she is indispensable, a true must for any fun to be had.  You find yourself practically unable to be sad in her presence.
     However, at one point you made a gamble.  You took in a member with unknown stats. You took in what you thought to be a Mage with high Intelligence and perhaps Wisdom.

The Messa
     Through many adventures, you have been on one quest many times.  There lingers a large mountain, far on the other side of the kingdom known as The Messa.  Each year, a contest of scholars is held--whoever reaches the top shall be named the King of The Messa.  The mountain tests not your strength, but the knowledge you carry as it contains several mental challenges.  You must show all your skills in crafting and knowledge to pass to the top.
    Your scholar is well versed in the challenge, competing long before you began.  However, in recent years you have had your hand at The Messa.  Each year, you rise higher, but can not reach the top.  This is your last chance before you move to many more things.  You begin to prepare for the trek ahead then stumble.  You and your Smithy have been accepted into an acting troupe with a large show for the entire kingdom only weeks after the climb of Messa.  Your Scholar is also hampered by another challenge of her wits, consuming her precious time.  Your Scholar, Smithy, and Mage are all to join you in your quest up the Messa as well!  You quickly assign tasks and prepare.

    Soon, it is time.  You gaze up at the mountain ahead, like a giant you must conquer.  You begin the assent.  The first trial is that of a device built by the scholar who shows it with pride.  The device works as a perfectly crafted masterpiece.  The next challenge is a test of creativity and knowledge,  which you and the smithy take in stride.  Then you come to the final task-a pre-designed show of skill.  You tasked your mage with this many weeks previous whilest you and the others were laboring away.  As you climb toward this next task, you trail behind the scholar and smith as they discuss the final challenge.  You climb, much easier than your normal armor-slowed trek up mountains, laden with sword and weaponry.  You relish in the leisurely climb until you suddenly feel a sting from your back and your cloak grows warm and wet.  You feel speechless, a sudden clot in your throat.  You glance over your shoulder as a tensing pain fills your back.
   There she stands, your wolf in sheep's clothing.  You fall forward onto the hard ground of the rocky ledge.  The weapons that normally dangle at your side lay in a bag at the inn and you can hear your potions crash open in your small bag.  Your eye lids begin to weigh heavily and press the darkness onto you, but you see a final glimpse-her.

                                         TO BE CONTINUED.....

   What will become of our beloved adventurer?  We'll have to find out!  Tune in next week for the thrilling conclusion of Rant Time: Trust!!