Friday, April 4, 2014

Rant Time: Trust Part 3

A direct, unexpected continuation of Rant Time Trust Part 2.

     The chapel bells ring in the city at your back.  You continue your ride through the rocky mountains until you have a clear spot to look back at your village.  The town is alive with the sounds of bells and songs sung on sweet air that pierces the mundane musk.  The bride's "something blue" is visible even from your vantage point as they exit the chapel to the carriage, led by an iron-clad horse.  Orange blossoms sparkle like stars against the normally bleak colors of the village.  Your smithy and scholar have gone on separate side quests, returning soon.  You continue your path towards anywhere, needing to escape people's mock sympathy.  Your glimmer of hope via the "grapevine" that the union would never be true and perhaps you were on way for your own, has been smashed.
     The fight had severed the last shreds of hope you had:  The Bard assured you they were friends, accused you of being the destroyer of your "perfect" relationship together.  A hypocrite at it's finest.  The Tinker had told another person along the vine that the Bard was but a traveling companion, and told you not to worry.  Your eyes had sparkled with a hope that the Tinker's words forewarned of something greater.  But the Smithy and Scholar can see past the ruse.  The Smithy looked at you, with deep sadness in her dark eyes and handed you a scroll from the grand post of Fa'S Buch.  When you opened it, you gathered all you needed and left town: the union announcement crumbled at the bottom of your bag.
    For now, you just have to follow the sun...find the next quest...and not concern yourself on the trivial, and focus instead on the adventure.  Perhaps, if you follow the sweet sunlight, you'll find a place to rest.  A place to settle.  But not yet.  For now, you keep wandering.  You keep adventuring.  No dragon nor goblin, nor giant nor troll eats your heart away from under the sleek metal like the simple sheet of parchment.  Though the scar on your heart, the knot in your stomach, and your back burns along the thin slice, you realize something greater--you are invincible.  No creature or bandit can pose more of a threat than your own accomplices, so what have you to fear?