Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Fearing Finals? Have no fear! Lea is here!

    Those of you in school know how scary finals week is.  A lot of people worry about their grades and want to find the minimum test score they need to pass.  Got a C both 9 weeks?  That doesn't mean you have no chance!   I made a simple equation for you to get your grades.  This is assuming your school, like mine, weights each 9 weeks as 40% and your final as 20%.  Not sure?  Check with one of your teachers!  First, i'll show the equation to get your final score IF you know your test score so you don't have to wait for that pesky report card.  THEN i'll show how to get your desired grade!

.4(n+m) + .2t = G    is the equation to find out your final grade if you know your test score
= your first 9 weeks grade,
m = your second 9 weeks grade
t = test grade
G = final grade (or desired final grade)

t = (G - .4(n+m) ) / .2  is how to find out what test score you need

So, let's do an example!

Ex1.) You got a 79.2 your first 9 weeks, a 85.6 your second nine weeks, and a 50.7 on the test.  You mom is yelling at you and you want to prove that you passed the class.  Solve for your final grade.
     So, first let's set up our variables
  • n = 79.2 
  • m = 85.6
  • t = 50.7
  • G = ?
      Now, just plug in!

     .4(n+m) + .2t = G
     .4(79.2+85.6) + .2*50.7 = G
     64.08 + 10.14 = G
     74.22 = your final grade for the semester!!!  Yaaaayyyy you hardly passed!

   Now, let's try to get your desired grade instead as you prepare for your exam.

Ex2.)  You got a 75.3 your first nine weeks and a 95.5 the second nice weeks (nice improvement!)  You need at least a 90% to please your mom.  Find out what you need on your test!
  • n = 75.3 
  • m = 95.5
  • t = ?
  • G = 90.0

      t = (G - .4(n+m)) / .2
      t = (90.0 - .4(75.3+95.5)) / .2
      t = (90 - 68.32) / .2
      t = 21.68/.2
      t = 108.4
       Sorry friend, unless you have a ton of extra credit question on this text, you wont be getting that A on your report card.  However, all you need is a 58.4 to get an 80%!    

 So there you have it!  A simple guide to finding out whether your grounded or good!  I will have another post up in about an hour or 2....or 4 about my day:  be warned, much depression ahead.  For now, i hope this helped!  Have an easier way?  Post it in the comments!  See you all in a bit!