Friday, December 13, 2013

What is it about winter?

      Although characters like Lea might not agree, i enjoy the winter most of all.  So many people have told me their favorite seasons for one reason or another and i never really knew what mine was until i recently began to think of it all.  Winter.  I love winter.  Why?  Well...let's take a little look.

1.)  The weather
       Where i live, it is generally very hot through out the year.  We have a strange system of seasons with Spring being rather bland, summer being hot as heck, and fall being...well...practically non existent!  Fall is a strange combo of summer and "winter" where it's cold in the morning. blisteringly hot in the afternoon, and starting to get cold at night.  Winter is what we consider freezing (around 40 or 30 is horrible to us.)  As a kid, i never saw much snow, but in recent years we've had more and i really REALLY like snow.  I LOVE SNOW!  SNOOOOOOOOWWWW!!!!!!!

2.)  The flavors
       One of my favorite things on earth is eggnog and the smell of it.  Peppermint, eggnog, cinnamon, and
that general smell of something tasty in the oven with candles everywhere are my personal favorites.   Every year at Christmas, i get some sort of festive bubble bath.  I use it through the whole year to remind me of the awesomeness that will come at the end of the year.  Also, Christmas brings big feasts of all sorts of tasty things from Thanksgiving all the way to New Year's!  My personal favorites are the pies, especially Pecan and anything coconut.

3.)  The atmosphere
       Whereas others see a cloudy sky as an omen of darkness, i see it as a lovely change to the glaring summer sun.  I love the brisk air (when it's not deathly cold mind you) and the dark clouds suggesting snow or rain.  The air feels so thick and cool and wonderful.  It's even better when it snows and you look out your window to see the endless rolling hills of sand transformed into pillows of white fluff.  The best feeling is that first step on untouched snow and watching your dog hop around through the powder.  The part i love most though is being inside by the fire watching a festive movie and snuggled under the warmest blankets in your coziest pajamas.

4.) The songs
        My whole life, i've listened to Christmas carols in the car with my mother to and from school.  More than that, my father has a strange tendency to whistle christmasy songs all year UNTIL christmas at which point he whistles some random tunes which makes 0 sense.  Although i hate how early stores begin to blare the familiar tunes, i still love them.  This year, i joined swing choir essentially just to sing their christmas selection!  I always love the Christmas concert and the tunes.

  -4.) The songs :(
        Now, all this is great, but some things upset me about carols.  One song in particular that we are singing, "I've Got My Love to Keep Me Warm", always strikes a chord in my heart because i happen to never have a "love to keep me warm" around this time.  I always start to feel depressed because i've never had that white christmas with a lover.   Mistletoe means nothing to me and honestly, sometimes i just ask for a first kiss in the snow under a branch of Mistletoe.  Sorry boyos that you had to read that....have a cookie:
At least i have Z right?  *sigh*

5.)  The movies
       I have an especially soft spot for Charlie Brown, Rudolph, and Santa Clause as he Comes to Town.  Christmas specials have always been one of my very favorite things about the holidays because my family gathers around the TV for the Grinch or Frosty and I snuggle up to watch the Nightmare Before Christmas or something.  My favorite all-holiday movie, however, is Holiday Inn!  I grew up on black and white and it's my favorite!  The catch tunes, the wonderful dances, the derpyness of Fred Astaire.  Just feels like Christmas!

6.)  The break
       Probably the best part of the season is the fabulous little break.  Sure, we only get two weeks and it honestly feels like 2 days, but it's much needed after this hell of finals.  I never really have much time to hang out with my friends, but generally i play my games and mess with my toys i get and all that good stuff!

7.)  The clothes and the colors
      I have a particular fondness for that long, red dress with a white hand cuff thingy.  I love the light blues, deep reds, and festive greens the season brings!  I love that style and have always wanted that kind of a dress.....le sigh

8.)  The parties
        Here's the big one.  I love parties.  I love holidays.  I LOVE PRESENTS.  The season begins with Thanksgiving, an ok start.  The real excitement though is Nonnie's party where i always get a calendar and another present.  Then, for Christmas eve, we go to church that night then, both sisters and their boys come over and we all squeeze into 1 room.  The next morning, mom wakes us all up and we're forbidden to go to the living room until our grandparents arrive. Then, PRESENTS!!!  I hardly need to explain the glory of presents.  I love the little stocking stuffers and the big stuff too and i'm super excited for this year!  Sadly, my oldest sister can't come home for Christmas this year :( but she might be able to come to my graduation! <3

     Everyone has a reason to love the holidays, no matter what you celebrate, no matter what your family traditions are, everyone has something.  Tell me in the poll what you are most excited for or post it here in the comments!!!  That's it for me today, night!  <3