Sunday, December 15, 2013

Big weekend!

    Wow i've been busy!  Yesterday, i first sang at the famously haunted Double Eagle and i hope the ghosties enjoyed it.  Then, i had to do MAJOR Christmas shopping, buying for 4 people at about $20 each.  Yeesh.  Then, when i got home, my cousin was having her college graduation party at my house.  Finally, as people were leaving, i went to a 6 to 10 dance for the theater community with Jaimi and the others of the cast as a pirate while she went as Mickey Mouse.  I stayed up for a while and then finally went to sleep around midnight.  This morning, i got up at 11 and got ready then went to my friend's birthday party from 1 until about 6:30. At first, i was scared since i only knew 5 of the people the text was sent to.  Only 2 of the people i knew were there, but the other 2 were really nice!  It was super fun since she had a Wii U so all 6 of us could play one game and switch out often.  We had caaaake and i took her a pressssentt and we played gaaaames so it was super fun!  Now, i'm exhausted and gonna relax!  Bye bye!