Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year's Eve

   Hello hello everyone!  It's New Years Eve!  For some of you, it might even already be 2014  No spoilers please!  ^^  So, in honor of our transition into the next year, i'll be live-blogging through out the day.  It probably wont be all that interesting, but i'll update ever 2 or 3 hours and more as we get closer to the transition.  Again, i live in MST which is 2 hours behind the big ball drop in NY (EST).  With the new year, i'll be changing my blog to be organized by month and trying to keep the best parts organized.  Up top, you'll see a set of pages with links to all the posts related to certain subjects.  Do you guys like this style?  If so, please +1 or comment so i know!  Thank you all and i think, to start off the year, i'll do my top 10 Gen 2 Pokemon!!  Or ya know...start it...slack off....and finish it eventually ^^.  See you all in a bit!

UPDATE (10:50 A.M.): Going to go to Walmart and maybe convince my uncle to get me a pack of cards??  My money is at home so if he does happen to buy me one pack, i might make a pilgrimage later to get more to pen with my new buddy, Munna!  See yall in a bit!

UPDATE (12:56 P.M.):  Well, i just got back from the store and i have a lot to say....but!  I got 2 packs of cards and a bath set that i'd like to open on video and in said video, i'll explain what happened!  The video will be up later, but i'm off to film it!  I'll keep you posted!  <3

UPDATE (2:12 P.M.):  We are in the editing state!  I will be posting the pictures i took in the end credits of the video, and the video does tell you about my day and stuff.  Idk when it will be up, but when it is, it will be posted here.

UPDATE (3:04 P.M.):  Ok!  The video is done being edited and now is being saved and then it will be put onto Youtube to upload which generally takes a few hours!  The video includes me talking about the shopping trip and a series of pictures i took while there in a sort of liveblog at the very end!  I will be working on my top 10 (or maybe even 20) Gen 2 Pokemon while it loads!  See yall in a bit!

UPDATE (3:27 P.M.):  Soooo when it's ready, the video will be at http://youtu.be/3ibFm-r2I3U and it's looking like it'll be up in around 3 hours.  In the meantime, instead of being productive, imma play Spelunky!

UPDATE (3:54 P.M.):   Guys, you should check this out.  I'm hoping that since i don't make profit from my videos and i'm not a partner that this won't affect me, but you all should know!  Spread the word (and subscribe to Caddicarus because he's awesome)

UPDATE (5:18 P.M.):  The party begins and the video is ready!!

UPDATE (8:36 P.M.):  Soooo, my family and sister's friends came over to have dinner and play games  We started with Slangology but then moved to 5 Second Rule.  It was rather hilarious and everyone was derpy.  It turned out a lot of hilarious answers that are not blog appropriate.  I think i'll play some more Spelunky, maybe use some of that new bath stuff, idk!  Hope you're having a great day so far everyone!

UPDATE (10:10 P.M.):  Happy New Years east coast!!

UPDATE (12:00 A.M. JAN 1ST)  HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE (except the PST)!  I hope everyone enjoyed my live blogging and all my crazies!  Here's to a new year and hopefully, a lot more bloggin!