Sunday, December 22, 2013

Frozen review! (SPOILERS)

    Hello hello everyone!  In spirit with the season, I have decided to talk about this year’s wintery movie, Frozen!  This new movie introduces two new Disney princesses and I have gone to see it 3 times.  This time, I’m not going to be giving it a number score, but instead give it some other form of rating I’m sure I’ll figure out by the end.  Also, I’m sure this is going to be SPOILERY so I’ll try to warn you but technically, everything I say is spoilers so….spoilers.  Enjoy!

Story:  This movie is based on the play, The Snow Queen, which was ironically my first ever play in which I played a snowdrift with a single line—“do you think this will mess up my hair” (during the time I was in my DEEEEEEP tomboy stage so you can imagine how I felt about said line.)  I can’t really remember everything about the snow queen, but I will say this takes a lot of lovely liberties with the story.  When watching the previews for the movie (only 1 or 2 really) I was extremely unenthusiastic.  I had no idea what it was about and, only seeing Olaf, thought the movie would be a bad thing trying to be comedic.  I will talk more about Olaf later, but I was horrible wrong. 
*spoilers of first like....10 minutes*
    The basic plot is there are two sisters named Elsa and Anna.  Elsa was born with a gift letting her create and control ice.  One night, the girls are playing together and Elsa accidentally hit Anna with ice on her head, making a streak of her hair turn white (*cough* rouge *cough*).  The king and queen take them to a group of trolls who erase Anna’s memory of Elsa having magic, but don’t make her forget having fun and loving Elsa.  When they return to the castle, the king forces the servants to shut the doors, never to be opened until Elsa can control her magic.  Over many years, their attempts to control it are feudal and Anna is left in the dark, starting to think her sister doesn’t love her anymore.  The king and queen then leave by boat on a journey who knows where but the ship capsizes.  Three years later, Elsa is of age and ready to be crowned Queen and for the “first time in forever” the doors are opened and people are let in.  I’ll leave it there for now. 
*end spoilers*
   The movie takes a ton of AMAZING twists and turns and I can’t explain them without spoiling it, but it’s amazing and definitely an A+ by any means.  I also like to think of it in a way, as the anti-Tangled.  Tangled centered on the sun and light, whereas this focuses on snow and ice.  They share a certain number of similarities as well which I’ll discuss later.      

Music:   Ok.  Everyone, buckle down.  Let’s start by talking about Disney’s 3 latest princesses-Tiana, Rapunzel, and Merida (yes I know she’s Pixar, but still a Disney princess).  What was Brave missing?  Some catchy tunes.  Well this movie makes up for it and more.  The music in this is some of my favorite and I LOVED the operatic style they took compared to the general I sing you sing format of Disney song’s with and occasional harmony.  If I had to pick what it most resembles I’d have to say either Hairspray, Wicked, or any other broadway because that was the feel of the film.  It had a style that just screamed a broadway show and I can’t WAIT for it to be one.  My favorite song?  It’s hard to pick but I really like “Do you wanna build a snowman?” and “The cold never bothered me anyway.”  I will most likely be getting the soundtrack to this one because it is top notch.    

Scripting:   Now, as I said, I didn’t have high hopes for this movie.  I thought it would be lame and not funny based on what I had seen in the previews but I was dead wrong.  The script was absolutely adorable.  The twists of this movie were fantastic, the characters were loveable, and the best part was, they all felt very real.  Anna was very awkward and reminded me a lot of myself and my oldest sister, Tristan, while Elsa felt older but very similar to her sister like my other sister, Connie.  They were similar but different enough to be believeable and likeable, while the men faired the same.  It was all so fluid and wonderful. 

Visuals:  The movie shared a lot of visual style with Tangled and I’ve heard some people complaining about this.  I heard a few people saying the girls look too much like Rapunzel and where yes, they are similar, I don’t feel it was too close.  One thing I like about more recent princesses is they fit their age.  Tiana looked old enough to be having two jobs, but still young.  Rapunzel looked like a teenager, sharing my buck-teeth and round cheeks.  Merida had adorable roundness to her and was adorable.  I like that the girls recently look their age with clear differences between Elsa and Anna.  Although I love Aurora, she looked at least 18 if not in her 20s, not 16 like the story said.  I really suggest you read the source to that picture since it's got some great points as to why our leading ladies look similar but are still perfect.  Check it out!  
      Moving on from just characters, I want to talk about the over all art.  O MY GOD IS IT BEAUTIFUL.  This movie is gorgeous from beginning to end.  The snowflakes are each as unique and lovely as they should be and I have to say, Elsa’s dress has to be one of my favorites.  The frozen atmosphere is just…it’s too amazing to try to explain and I adore it.  The detail of having little snowflakes in Elsa’s hair, each falling flake having its own pattern, the fluffiness of the snow, it’s all perfect. Elsa’s ice castle is gorgeous, the way it changes color and sparkles and...i have to stop before I ramble about how amazing this movie looks.  I’ll just wrap it up by saying that the amazing attention to detail is what makes this movie shine and I adore it.  

Proximity to tears at points:   (SPOILERS?)  When the parent’s die and Anna sings the reprise of do you wanna build a snowman, I was nearly in tears each time.  The song is heartbreaking and it’s gorgeous.  The next tearjerker was towards the end, but I won’t say what it is.  Let’s leave it at…Medium. 

Voice Acting/Characters:  For the most part, I loved the voices and felt that they fit each
character, however, after my sister pointed out the actress who played Elsa, it was hard not to picture her instead.  Also, I felt like Hans sounded A LOT like Flynn at times which threw me off.  Other than that, I loved everyone.  I especially loved Olaf’s song.  Speaking of our dearest Olaf, it’s finally time for me to talk about him.  I doubted this movie based on Olaf and I sorely regret it.  Olaf the snowman is actually one of the sweetest, most heartwarming characters and I adore the little guy.  His song, “in summer” is fabulous, he’s adorable, and he is the perfect comedic element to this movie with quotable, hilarious lines.  I love you Olaf, and I will give you a warm hug as an apology.
      The other characters, as I stated, are great.  Every Troll, every member of the crowd, and especially the leads have great personality and likeability: even you, jerkface from Weaseltown.        

Re-watchability:  Extremely high.  The movie is hilarious every time, the music is fantastic, and there are lots of intricacies to notice each time.  When watching today, I kept my eye on the time, seeing how long the movie took place over (about 3 or 4 days) and each little snowflake.  I will admit that the twist has less of an impact and the first time you see it is the best. 

After credits/secrets:  Now for a new segment about fun stuff to look for when watching.  A lot of movies now have stuff at the very end of the credits.  Is it worth the wait?  Well, in the case of Wolverine, HELL YES.  However, for Frozen…eh. 
     *POST CREDIT SPOILERS*  At the very end, after all the credits, you see Elsa’s snow monster limp over and take the tiara she threw away, put it on, and smile.  That’s…basically it.  Also, at the end in the midst of the credits, it says something along the lines of “Kristoff’s views about all men eating their boogers are solely his own and do not reflect the views of Disney” or something hilarious like that which was kinda worth it.  *END OF SPOILERS* 
      For something fun IN the movie though, if you watch closely as Anna runs out of the palace you see Flynn and Rapunzel walking in!!  How adorable right??  I didn’t notice until my sister told me about it and I watched carefully for it today.  If you found more, please post in the comments or shoot me an email and I’ll add it here! 

More thoughts:  So, I wasn’t sure where to put these so I’ll add them here.  First of all, I LOVED the Nordic twist on the tail, the use of ruins, and the ice sellers song at the beginning setting the mood.  It’s amazing.  I also have to point out that I love the diversity of characters.  There were a lot more larger women and men and it made my whole family really happy to see some variety rather than a bunch of skinny girls and handsome guys.  I also loved the way the made fun of themselves!  Disney laughed about getting engaged to a guy you just met and true love, mocking their own movies and I loved it.  *SPOILERS*  I also enjoyed how Disney movie now are veering less towards they get married instantly, to “after years and years of asking,I finally said yes” as Flynn would so aptly put it.  This one just ends with a simple first kiss! How sweet right?!  *END SPOILERS* 
On a larger note, I love the way Disney has been veering towards stronger princesses.  Anna saves Kristoff multiple times!  As did Rapunzel.  Tiana taught Naveen to cook and be a human being and Merida saved her own self.  This trend actually started more around Belle, Jazmin, and Pocahontas as they were strong independent girls.  Now, this is a side note but one thing I didn’t like about Brave was it’s stress on her being strong and “Brave” as if the other princesses are not and that being an independent woman, she doesn’t need a man, when in actuality, most of them are stong!  Mulan is a prime example (and yes, according to Disney, she is a princess) seeing how she you know…goes to war!  Anna really shows a continuation of that outgoing and powerful girl a lot of people don’t seem to see in Disney princess (I’m lookin at you Snow White).  Brave could really benefit from a sequel with a love interest (perhaps a rival archer?  One she fights with till she loves?  Hint hint pixar??)
One final note about Frozen though, is it resonates with me most because it’s a sister story the same way Brave resonated with me being a mom and daughter thing.  I love Tangled, but I’m not a lost princess and there isn’t a sexy thief climbing in my window…I think.  Brave had the exact bond my mum and I share and was spot on and Frozen has that same bond between sisters that I have with my own and I love it!   

Final Verdict:  This movie far exceeded my expectations and I honestly think it might be the Oscar winner of the year.  Yes, I loved the Croods (which also shattered my expectations), MU (which I’ve praised before), etc. etc, but this one just…was amazing.  I recommend this movie not just to people my age and younger and not just girls, but everyone.  It’s funny, it’s cute, and it’s not nearly as predictable as you’d think going in.  I LOVE this movie and it will have a slot in my movie selection right alongside its other princess predecessors.  I don’t really have much more to say so I’ll give this movie and over all A+! 

Thanks everyone i hope you enjoyed this review!  It's been a long time since my last one  so i'm trying to change things up and get a good reviewing system.  I hope to have a special christmasy themed Pokemon post for you all tomorrow and i hope you have a lovely night!  Goodnght everyone!  <3