Saturday, December 28, 2013

Thoughts on: Saving Mr. Banks and Mary Poppins (perhaps spoilers?)

   Hi there everyone.  I know i have yet to put up my Christmas special and haven't been updating daily, but I've been enjoying my break.  Last night, i watched Mary Poppins, one of the many Disney movies i got for Christmas; today, i saw Saving Mr. Banks.   I don't want to do a full review, but here are just some thoughts on the movies as a whole.
    First off, I have always loved Mary Poppins--the music, the characters, everything.  I was extremely excited to hear that a "making of" type movie was coming out about it.  Let's just get this straight out of the way--this movie is a true tearjerker.  Everyone in the audience sobbed, and perhaps for different reasons.  I didn't know why, but i cried.  It wasn't even sad when i was crying, just...touching.  The whole movie is extremely touching.  It has a nice style of blending flashbacks to the 1961 time period of the movie and you really get to see the true inspirations behind Mary Poppins.  It was hilarious to see all the things the author hated at first that she changed her mind about.  The familiar tunes from Mary Poppins played and were sung through out the movie, and it all felt magical.  In my family, Disney is cherished as...almost a staple of our lives.  We visit Disney Land or World when we have the money, and my sister even worked the Mt. Everest ride in Disney World for 6 months with a college program.  I will also be participating in the same program because of my love of everything Disney.
     Being so young, i never got to see Walt himself, but only heard stories.  He was sort of like the characters on the screen, a sort of magical myth.  Getting to see Walt in a movie (and Tom Hanks played the part fantastically) was like truly getting to see him.  My sister and I cried just because we wish we had gotten to go to Disney Land with Walt himself during the golden age of Disney.  The movie touched my family and i in a very special way, just because we have such a close bond to everything Disney (aaaannndddd because my godmother is a lot like Mary Poppins and P. L. Travers).
    The actors were wonderful and everything felt very real.  You even get to hear some of the recordings from the original meetings between the author and the crew at the end which is lovely.  The period was perfect, the movie was amazing, and everything was just fantastic.

    I recommend this movie to:  Anyone who enjoys a good movie.  I recommend taking some Kleenex or napkins for your tears.  Although this movie is a Disney film, it isn't really directed at children.  There's a few scenes (and i mean mainly flashbacks) that were really upsetting to everyone in the theater that was mostly populated by older people.  The movie is funny, cute, and just plain great!