Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Dress up!

   So, today, i had a generally normal day.  i luckily escaped having to take a math test because we had the big group senior pic which i might post tomorrow.  Then, Jaimi-him-jams and i got some McyD's and i made inappropriate jokes.  When we got back, for 6th period, i went with Jaimi to the theater room to pick out some costumes for Saturday's theater dance party thing.  Since there was no mirror, i tried to show her and myself results with my phone as well as text her boyfriend the derpy pictures to much hilarity.  What do you guys think?  These will each be numbered so please vote ooonnn THIS BRAND NEW POLL!!!  --->

1.) The swap color awful things: Jaimi 
1.) The swap color awful things; Galen 

2.) The swap  color awful things swapped:  Galen in red and pink, Jaimi in pin and red

3.) The kinda ok dresses (too big on jaimi)

3.) The kinda ok dresses (too small on me)

4.) Awkward suits tight in bad places

4.) Awkward suits loose in all places

5.) Black, pink, and blue vamp things?

6.) Southern what now?

7.) Fancy dress to small for meeee

Now we enter a realm of terror, i advise u, it is not for the faint of heart.  There are also branching paths here so read carefully

8.) Jaimi shorts suit?

8.) Galen pants suit (no coat)

9.) Jaimi shorts suit

9.) Galen pant suit (with coat)

10.) Jaimi pant suit (no coat) Galen shortsuit

11.) Jaimi pants suit (with coat) Galen shortsuit

And now, our personal choice that we have almost 100% decided on, the russian dignitaries!!

12, 13, 14.) Jaimi as dignitary

12.) Galen as body guard furry vest

13.) Galen as bodyguard fur coat (needs hat)

14.)  Galen as body guard in trench coat (needs hat)

    So what do you think?  We're leaning towards 14.  Vote on the poll by friday and maaaybe you'll influence what we or our friend Camille wears!!  THERE SHALL BE PICTURES!!!  See you all tomorrow niiiight!  <3