Thursday, December 26, 2013

Dear Nintendo,

     As you should know, I was most looking forward to my Wii U.  The Wii U didn't appeal to me a year ago at launch, but upon the release of Wind Waker HD, i fancied the new system.  While others fought over PS4s and XBox Ones, I smiled, waiting for my special Zelda Wii U with the game included!  It was especially well timed with the death of my Wii that i had recieved it's first Easter after having visited GameStop daily, begging for a system.  We had cherished the system and i grew up on Nintendo!  My first system was a Gameboy Color with only 3 games.  The systems grew with me, becoming a Gameboy Advanced SP, then DS Lite!  The Wii was my first ever home console and then, i finally received my new friend, the 3DS.
    Christmas morning, I threw open the packaging to see him: the lovely Zelda Wind Waker Wii U.  I had fretted for weeks, worrying that they had gotten me the wrong one or had forgotten all together!  But there it was, in all it's black and gold glory!  As soon as everything was opened and cleaned up, i set the beauty up and noticed something odd: the game (as well as the Hyrule Historia, a book i've also been dying for,) had to be dowloaded from the eShop.  I set up the internet quickly and tried my hand at the eShop only to get multiple errors.  First, it was because my security system is WPA2 (whatever that means) and therefore incompatible with the Wii's eShop.  So i spent a few hours and finally got the internet set up.  Finally i was ready to download my game and be whisked away to adventure!  Er well...i would have been.
    I spent the entire day trying and trying again to get the eShop to work to no avail.  I tried using the support site, but it was no help whatsoever and of course, the help hotline was closed for Christmas.  I finally gave up late into the night and thought that perhaps it would be fixed when i awoke, as if Santa came to give me a little miracle.
    He didn't.
    I have thus been spending hours this morning attempting at the system.  I called and attempted to talk to a representative, but was met with a voice saying "we are aware the eShop is down and are investigating it" and then i was disconnected.  Allow me to rant.
    Wii U has been out for a year as has the eShop with no visible problems and then, suddenly, on the day thousands of children across the world are receiving their big gift, the eShop, which is VITAL to play the games (that should have been pre-loaded onto these special systems) is down.  Not only can we not download our games, but eShop is also required to transfer data from the Wii to the Wii U!  Therefore, unless we all want to start all over in our old games or received an extra physical game alongside the system (which beats the point of having one with the game in it), we can do nothing.  We can look at the internet if it works, but that's what a laptop is for.  We can look at Miiverse, but the only thing we can talk bout is how furious we all are.  And we can make some Miis, which i have already done.
    Thank you Wii U, for making a Christmas that was up to that point fantastic, into a horribly frustrating and anger worthy couple of days.  You have not only stopped me from having the fun I expected and hoped for, but caused me to not write the post I promised to my readers.  For the first time in my life, i have doubted a Nintendo system and I am sorely disappointed.
                            -A long time Nintendo lover
                                       Galen S.