Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Success and my first break in days

    HELLO DEAREST AUDIENCE!!!!  Man is it lovely to see you all.  After days of stress, no videogames, and over all disarray, i am finally done with that project.  I could have gone on for hours with all my information,  but sadly, for 2 cantos, i had 25 minutes.  Man.  But, the nice thing is, the class seemed to really enjoy the video i spent all Sunday working on and we even got to show the bloopers!  I think the teacher liked it too.  Tonight however, i have an audition.  Ya know what i hate?  It asks if you'd like to be in the play if your a minor part and asks you to promise to be in the play, however, how minor of a part?  I don't want to have to practice from 5-9 when i have 3 AP classes if i'm spoon #3 ya know?  But if i didn't click yes, you know they wouldn't give me a lead because that'd be saying i'm "not committed."  Sigh.
      So, stuff to do!  I have a pack of Pokemon cards to open and i have my eye on the special sylveon boxset.  See that?  That's a PINK POKEMON CARD GUYS.  Fairy type has arrived and i am soooo excited to see it!  This pack was $20 at Target.  If each pack is 4.15 alone, the tax rate is 7.563....That would be 17.86 anyway and then 10 bonus cards is equivalent to one more 4.15 pack and a figure...that's actually a deal XD  I got some money or taking care of my grandparent's cat Domino over the break and found a random $10 in my house that i have commandeered.  It may very well be worth it... But I also want the World Championships pack ;-;
     Anyway, i'll try to get those gameplay videos up sometimes soon.  You do have to remember however, that i am quickly approaching midterms :(  That project knocked me back 4 math assignments (thank god for teachers who don't have due dates.)  One quick thing about AC4.
     I had really high hopes for the game and yes i like it....but a few things peeve me.  If your whole game is centered on naval warfare, please make those segments not feel...repetitive and hard as heck.  Also, maybe i'm just not far enough in the story yet, but i'm not as captivated as i was with Ezio.  Even with Haytham, i was ready to explore and when i twisted to be Connor, i was sorely dissapointed.  I just don't feel...sucked in.  I was so excited for this game but...maybe i just need to give it a chance.  The problem is though, in other games, when i failed a mission, i tried again for hours.  This time...i don;t feel like trying to attack a whole armada 5 times in a row.  I generally stop and play something else.  I don't know, maybe it's just me.
     Anyway, that's it for me!  I'll tell you how all fairs tonight!  <3