Thursday, December 19, 2013

Catch up

  Sorry guys so busy!  Tuesday was both an audition for the big choir show of the year (i sang Fever and got the solo singing it) and the first read through of Beauty and the Beast.  I'm actually sad about B&B because all the scenes with Chip from the movie i.e. him meeting Belle and then saving her later, are not in the Broadway version so i have less actual stuff than some of the ensemble and i don't think i get to sing more than about 4 lines which is super depressing.  Yesterday, i had to take Biblo to the vet him, however then i got a call from the vet saying he didn't have...the equipment.  They explained this was extremely rare and dangerous in cats and i first i was worried, but then i said "well, is't he a burman?"  Burmans age much slower than other cats and that's what we have been thinking our little stray is.  Burmans are very rare so we thought he was only half.  Luckily, i was right.  My dad looked it up and our little buddy is just too little still!  He gets to go to school with us on Friday so that'l be fun!
   I'll also be busy tonight, singing at retirement homes, so i might not post again.  Tomorrow for sure though!  Later guys!