Monday, April 21, 2014


   Let’s start with the bad news and then move to the good and then to the fantastic.

            First of all, English is frustrating.  My teacher suddenly assigned a “novel card” for my class: one for each of the 7 books we’ve read over the year.  You have to have quotes, ALL the characters, and a bunch of analysis.  This isn’t a problem for the newer books, since we did them really in depth in class.  However, those from LAST semester were very basic and we didn’t even do one for Kafka’s Metamorphosis.  Not to mention the shear number of characters in books like Crime and Punishment and Dante’s Inferno.  Then, some of you may know that 4/20 is generally “senior skip day” which this year was changed to the 21st since the 20th was Easter Sunday. Now, most people use it to participate in….unsavory actions.  I however, intended to use it for sleep and hanging out with my friends.  However, this teacher decided to have an in-class essay today.  So, as a good student, I grabbed my bag of pens and a simple bag and went to school for the first 2 classes.  When I got to class, I noticed he decided to move these essays to Wedn. And instead decided to discuss The Stranger, which I had left at home, not needing it.  Then, he ranted about how people were unprepared.  Have I mentioned Hypocrites?  Anyway, it was just frustrating that he lied to get people to come to class. 
            Speaking of Easter Sunday, it was a sort of bittersweet day.  Saturday, my sister’s fiancé didn’t dye eggs with us, which was kind of sad.  I didn’t really have the creative juices flowing, so no eggs were…special.  Actual Easter felt weird.  We went to church, sang, the usual stuff, but my sister didn’t sleep over.  In fact, she didn’t come over until noon.  And, we ate before we hunted eggs, which was weird.  It reminded me that next year, I might be alone since my sister’s fiancé might have found a job in the next state over.  Sure, it’s not as bad as my oldest sister being across the country, but it’s still sad.  The egg hunt was also frustrating because “the Easter bunny”  decided to hide eggs in MY ROOM!  We NEVER hide eggs in bed rooms, but luckily none were in…say my underwear drawer -_-.  But, one did happen to find its way into my purse for prom which now smells like eggs.  However, after the eggs, we sat my grandparents down to watch Frozen for their first time.  We were all there, bundled together and having a good time, so it really made me feel better.
            Now to the good.  After the horrible class of LIES, I went to computer class.  I had spent the entire weekend talking to the Tinker, trying to coax him into prom.  I had decided today was the day.  I’d ask him as charmingly as possible in person right on the way out the door.  But there was a catch: he was at home.  He was having a bit of a problem from his wreck.  I told him to take it easy and he called me ma’m ^^.  I was on the way out the door to B.O.B. when I offered him to tag along.  Althoooough, he was difficult and ended up not coming.  It was fine.  We went to B.O.B. which has REALLY expanded!  It’s huge now with tons more tables and more room and it’s really gorgeous—but.  I feel…a bit sad.  The place used to have a secluded, special feeling.  You’d go in, have your regular server, you had to learn their rules of paying up front at the desk before even sitting, and you could just sit and talk for…ever.  It was nice, the brick wall, the oddly arranged seating, the gorgeous mural, everything.  I understand businesses have to expand, but now, there are only 3 tables in the front and they don’t have the pay as you enter system—it’s just like any other restaurant now, but with waffles.  On the other hand, today I tried their strawberry cream special and it was HEAVEN!!!  9/10 WOULD ORDER AGAIN.
            After that, Jaimi and I went to the mall, oddly, still texting the Tinker.  We wandered, got some candy, and all that jazz.  However, suddenly I saw an opportunity.  When he said he could hang out with us today, I said maybe another time.  Maybe prom.  One thing led to another and now, I’ll have a date in a matching suit alongside me at prom (although I have to pick HIM up.  Does this mean I need to buy him a corsage? ^^)  So, essentially, I’m ecstatic!!!!!  Now, allow me to express my joy: