Friday, April 25, 2014

Wrapping up

   Woo!  Prom's only a day away!  Things to do:
(If it's YOU stop reading this right now and go back to the video game section -_-  away with you!)

  1. Get dress back from being fixed at 1:30
  2. Take down Prom Posters after school
  3. Pick up the boutineer (weird word is weird ;-; )
  4. Sing at the Hilton Garden Inn for Swing at 8:00 (might sing my solo again ^^)
  5. Sleep!
  6. Wake up on Saturday
  7. Do Calculus!
  8. Clean my car ;-;  It needs a bath, a good vacuuming, and gas!
  9. Pick up das boy (as Jaimi+I call him)
  10. Go to Prom!
  11. Dance the night away ^^
  12. Win Prom Queen?!?!?!!?!?!?!?
  Maaaaaaaaaaaaan so much to do.  I'll try to get my Assassin's Creed picture up before I go sing ^^  I'm also working hard on the Ezio post, but with graduation on the way, I'm packed!  Comic, homework, prom, gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.  Please stick with me dearest internet <3