Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Weekend Recap, Sympathy Pains, and What Lies Ahead.

   WOOOOOOOOOOOOW It's been a while.  Hey everyone!  Sorry, I was absolutely PACKED this past week.  Let's do a quick recap of the past week!

     Discovered the Tinker and Bard have broken off their union.  Huh...

     Created the "Holy Bible of Slothstronaut"

     No school!  Placed said Bible on mom's pillow while she was at work.
     1:00-3:00p.m.:  Went to choir practice, then spent the night at Grandparent's house.  Bought mom a happy meal like a good daughter.  Grandy's for dinner (hell yes)
     Mother calls to tell me she has embraced Slothstronaut.  All praise.  Decided to ask Tinker to prom if he doesn't ask me.

      No school again!
      7:00-11:00a.m.:  Began yard sale.  Made nearly $300 the first day.  Had Grandy's cinnamon roll for breaky.  Yum.  Mother discovers a fellow prophet of Slothstronaut has been spreading the word in her classroom with pictures all over.  Blames me.
      3:45 p.m.:  Went to orthodontist.  Found out I could have braces off around October.  Went to bed.

      7:00-11:00a.m.:  Garage sale again.  Much slower.  Made $62 for myself ($20 commission+$6 tip from a customer+10%)
     1:00-3:00p.m.:  Took a nap.
     8:00-10:30p.m.:  Napped some more
     11:30p.m.-4:00a.m.:  Went to the greatest event ever.  It was an "After Prom Party" (ironically 2 weeks before our prom) where the theater hosted a huge event with free movies, smoothies, games on the big screen, raffled off iPads and giftcards, and was over all amazing.  It was put on by the Students Against Destructive Decision (S.A.D.D) and the Elk's Lodge and was amazing.  You had to sign in and out so they could call your parents to say you were on your way home and make sure you got there safely!
     My friends and I saw Captain America:  The Winter Soldier for free with smoothies!  Couldn't find the Tinker anywhere but did meet his best friend who watched with us.  We took up an entire row.  Got to see Dalty also!  Jaimi won $25 from the raffle, Joellen won a $10 Best Buy gift card, and a friend from another school won one of the iPads!  It was the greatest thing ever and I wish every school had one.


    Began work on Zelda themed Prom Posters  Tinker wasn't in class:  I got concerned.

Tuesday (Today!)--
    Found out Tinker had crashed his motorcycle on the way to the party.  Instantly wanted to hug him and make him feel better but to shy ;-; He's ok though thank slothstronaut.  Speaking of, mom believes the other prophet to be a freshman.  Jaimi's brother perhaps?!
    Lunch--Helped Jaimi film her Dante's Inferno project and had tater tots for lunch.
    Choir--Got upset again because show choir kids keep stealing my folder and moving it!!
    Now--Finally getting to blog!  It's about to get real cray cray up in here with finals, AP Exams, and so much more.  I do have that Assassin's Creed post in the works.  It's very long so it's taking me a while to collect my thoughts to explain as best I can what my point is.  I hope this long list will keep you distracted until then though!!!