Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Regular Wednsday

    Today was...fine I guess.  English class was a talk about The Stranger, Web design was teacherless yet again, lunch was lonely (aside from Jaimi-Jim-Jams), 5th was iPhone fun times, and choir was...ok.  I had a vocal lesson with my instructor today.  In June, I'll have a recital and she wants me to sing 4 songs so I'm singing:
With a Little Bit of Luck from My Fair Lady
(except my version only uses arm of iron, help his neighbor, run amok, and the gentle sex part which I change a little bit ^^) 
Ave Maria (which I'm learning for my oldest sister's wedding because mother loves child labor)
Fever similarly to this Bette Midler adaption of Peggy Lee's classic. (Like I did for magic show)
and now,
   Also, on my way home, I saw a guy on a motorcycle behind me who looked JUST like Wolverine: grumpy
face and all.  He had the hair, the facial structure, everything except the leather jacket.  Weiiiird.