Monday, April 28, 2014

Post Prom

  What a weekend!  Saturday was full of preparing, which was annoying, but gave some ok results.  I actually felt pretty for one of the few times in my life.  I picked up the Tinker pretty early and had to take him home for picture -_-.  I don't know if he wants his face all over the blog-o-sphere soooo no pics yet XD.  Then, I got him to play some Spelunky ^^.  We got to the forest!  Then it was off to prom.  First of all, he can't read directions worth a darn sooooo we got lost for a little while.  In all fairness, it was in a really weird place--you had to go into the Pic-quick parking lot to get to the lot!  Sadly, it was hella windy, so at first we tried going inside.  However, the room was like a seizure with flashing colorful lights and intense base that made us all dizzy and kinda sick, so we decided to brave the wind and sit outside.  I was a derp and forgot a coat, but I got to wear the Tinker's instead which was very romantic ^^ (and semi-intentional).
    The outside area was kinda cool.  The prom was circus themed and they had acrobats preforming for a little while and a guy on stilts who did the cupid shuffle with us.  The sad thing is, last year they had a similar set up, with the outside room playing more pop, fan songs, and country with the inside room playing more house music.  This year, they only played 3 or 4 country songs and everything else was long, repetitive house songs.  I like some, but they played the same song THREE TIMES and refused to play the macerena when my friends and I requested it because "it's the lamest song ever and they'd hate it" even though lst year every single person danced to it and had fun.  They played the cupid shuffle twice, the wobble twice, and just random club mixes over and over, so I only got to dance 2 slow songs and I stepped on him a lot ;-;.
   However, there was a hidden perk to the outside:  the candy bar.  Hidden in a little alcove was a table with free candies--sour watermelons, skittles, brownies, jelly beans, and more!  We all ended up eating waaaaay to much candy and not dancing very much at all.  We sat in that little place and actually managed to stay out of the wind a little bit.  After that, they announced Prom Court.  I didn't win.  I didn't even get second.  I was sad...but after that we all decided to just go to Ihop.  Jaimi, her boy, and 3 of her friends went with us to Ihop where we barely ate and then finally, I dropped the Tinker off at home.  He kissed my hand so *le blush.*  As I mentioned way back when, I still haven't kissed a guy sooooo.
   Sunday was spent sleeping and then playing a TON of new board games with my sister and her fiance so that was also super fun!  ^^  Now, I'm on my way to sing at large group.  I have two big posts on the way so be prepared for some longer posts but slower updates!  Love yall!  <3  
    Might update this later with pics or something soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.