Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Bad, the Worse, and the Good.

    Hello everyone.  I have quite a bit to talk about.  Like in an old post of mine, i'll be dividing it up by how bad or good it is.  Let's take the bad news before the good aye?   Also, feel free to skip the Bad and Worse since they are just rants of my hard times.

      After tons of bullying and being generally upset in my theater class, I had one light-my friend Dalton.  Then came another devoted (albeit annoying) guy I could at least start to relate with and work my scenes.  Well, Monday I discovered Dalton will no long be at my school.  Seeing as that was not soul-crushing enough, today the other guy told me he has switched out of the class due to scheduling problems.  So, essentially, I'm alone and upset in the class.  A class that began the year at 13-14 is now about 5-7 on any given day.  Ya...

       Well, you all remember that Dante's Inferno project back in the day?  Ya know how it stressed me to the limits?  Well, for that project, 1 member (who is always condescending to me if I do not do homework or play games as opposed to reading or don't understand something and is CONSTANTLY reading) didn't even read out 2 cantos and did not create the powerpoint we needed until 2 nights before, even after promising us to create it while with her family over the break.  We had to postpone our work around her, assuming the work would be done and everything would be fine, which wasn't the case.  In the end, we had to assign her things to say.  You'd think I'd lern my lesson about trusting her right?
    Wrong.  For the 4th year in a row, I'll be going to the state competition for MESA.  Joellen built our device, Jaimi helped, and when we went to the rally for our region (without the other member), we won 1st at the on-site challenge with my half drawing and making a water efficient house. and Jaimi and Joe's half on the quiz.  Not only did this member not attend the rally, but they have made me furious.  Last week, as everyone knows, was Jazz Onstage, where everyday after school, Joellen and I had practice.  Jaimi was simultanously having practice for Beauty and the Beast and came to see our show Saturday night.  I made it very clear that the 3 of us were out of commission and that we needed the 4th member to research water usage in our area for the 2nd half of our state project-a board about the statistics of water usage here.  I come to school Mon and ask her if she had done any.  No.  No excuse, no reason why, nothing.  So yesterday, as I caught up on all my work, I found twice as many sources as we need in about an hour.  So essentially, she promised us to do something and couldn't be bothered to google "water usage" for the sake of our team.  Nothing makes me more angry than that.  

     However, there is good news!  I finished my Valentine's pecial today and will be editing it on Photoshop with my tablet for fun!  Maybe it'll look good, maybe not, we'll see!  I also will be doing another 2 Lea Plays pictures-one of Pokemon and one of Portal-very soon so keep your eyes open for those!  Just so you know I'm not dead, I also have many posts in the works including: Top 20 Gen 2 Pokemon, Pokemon X review (need to finish the game, almost done), More Disney Villains, a second page like this one with more animal characters, and more Lea Plays!  I am just beyond busy, but know I have you amazing guys in mind!  Love you all, but I have homework to do!  Goodnight!  <3