Thursday, February 13, 2014

Top 10 Tips to Surviving Valentine's Day

    Here you have it!  10 tips to surviving the holiday!  These tips are not necessarily just for singles either!  There are a lot here that you can apply to your relationship as well!

10.)  Wait till the 15th to get candy.
         Valentine's day gives all stores an excuse to bump up the price of their chocolates and themed sweets.  To avoid being blown out by the ridiculous price tags, especially if you don't have a special someone demanding sugar, wait until the 15th when most stores have the leftovers extremely cheap.  Hurry though, many other people have the same idea and it may be more of a rush that the day itself!  Otherwise, make something yourself like chocolate covered strawberries or a cake!

9.)  Get Valentine's from the internet
         The internet has opened the horizons to expose hundreds of people with similar interests.  Basically, anything you can imagine has a printable valentine about it, generally with horribly fantastic puns!  Aside from the cost of ink (unless you print them at school, a friend's house, or a public use printer), they cost less than the store-bought ones and can often be much more unique and personalized.  Like last year, I had some Pokemon and some Portal ones and printed specific ones for each person, whereas a box is a grab bag.  However, printing them on normal paper does make them flimsier than the card-stock style ones from the store.  I think I might do whatever ridiculous ones I can find!

8.)  Don't forget-there are other things to do!
         Just like some people don't celebrate saint Patrick's day or Mardi Gras, why should you have to celebrate Valentine's day?  Why not just celebrate the fact it's Friday?  Just because it is labeled a special date, doesn't mean you have to do anything.  You want to lay around at home and watch some adventure movie with 23 nonsensical explosions?  All the more power to you!

7.)  Sensitive?  Have something else to distract you.
         Like I mentioned before, Valentine's day hurts me to see the people I like with their girlfriends or random couples merging there faces in what I can only assume is some sort of alien ritual.  I always plan ahead on what  to distract myself with that day, be it a story/comic I can write or even just thoughts to fill my head.  Also, picking up a book or a game is a great way too.

6.)  Participate in class/lunch parties
         A fun thing to do, couples or singles, is to have a party either in class or at lunch!  Bring some candy and food to share and pass out those internet valentines.  It's also a lot more fun that just sitting there, receiving them and being like "Oh ya...thanks I guess."  At my school, they sell roses and candy grams and stuffed animals, so I generally get some for my friends there.  Don't be that guy who just receives and never gives on a day of giving.  That guy is awful.

5.)   Go somewhere nice but not overly crowded
        For couples and friends, it's best to pick a place where there aren't thousands of others or going at an obscure time.  For example, if you really want to see some romantic movie, go either as soon as you can (since many go at night) or plan to go the next day together.  Restaurants all depend on the place and time, which I'm sure you, as a patron, should know by now.  The last thing you want on your night either with your date or your group of friends is to be surrounded by snogging couples.  If that suits your fancy, please direct yourself to the local "make-out-point."

4.)  Wear something comfortable
       I see so many girls walk around in things that make them walk like cowboys in the old west.  If you have a lover, they should be understanding and you should be able to be comfortable around them.  And this, by no means, says you can't wear a dress or something.  "I think dresses are comfy and easy to wear!"  If your taking a night on the town, you'll want to wear good shoes and good clothes and (if you happen to be in one of the freezing regions right now) a coat.  Yes, there's the romantic ideal that he'll put the coat around your shoulders but we all know guys.  Plus, guys, bring a coat in the first place!

3.)  Hang out with your family
      I for one, am having a Valentine's party for my family at my house after school on Friday.  In my family, we take any excuse we can get to have a party.  Sure, I might not love Valentine's day like most couples, but I love to have my family over at any occasion.

Plus, then they have to carry it around all day!

2.)  Don't over do it
       I've never understood the couples who give each other the giant bears and huge bouquets and balloons.  The holiday is about love, not gifts.  A simple rose or, even better, their favorite flowers can make a much bigger impression.  If I had a Valentine, I'd just expect them to show their love in any little way.  Whatever you do, just keep it classy.

      And what is my number 1 tip to surviving the day in honor of Saint Valentine of Rome who was imprisoned for allowing soldiers to marry and ministering Christians the Roman Empire persecuted!  Didn't know that story?  Me either!  He healed the daughter of the jailer and wrote her a simple letter saying "Your Valentine" before his execution.  Sweeeeeeet <3  My number one tip isssss:

1.)  Don't hate-'ppreciate!                
       I mentioned that I hated the holiday in middle school and early high school, but the truth is, just embrace the day rather than fight it!  The worst thing you could be doing is sitting around whining about how much you hate it because you're single or your significant other forgot to get you a gift yada yada.  The best thing to do?  Check out steps 10-2!  There are so many great things to do tomorrow, so why waste a precious day about love and happiness.  Spend the day with your family, friends, or special person and I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday!  <3  Tomorrow I'll post this and last year's Valentine's Day comics!!!