Friday, February 7, 2014

Spelunky Let's Play in the works!

   Guess who finished rendering her Spelunky Let's Play?  Tonight/tomorrow, I'll start getting that video up but probably wont be home when in finally does soooo, please Subscribe to my Youtube channel to watch my videos as they come out!  Fresh out of the Movie Maker oven!  I have another one from the same day already filmed and I have the next Clash of Heroes video all edited!  It just needs to be rendered and uploaded.  Also, check out my epic friend, Dalton who has a channel of his own!  He plays games you won't see me playing like 1st person shooters and GTA 5.  Check his videos out!  I might even be doing a colab Spelunky video with him soon!
    That's it for me tonight crew: I need sleep for my 2 shows tomorrow!  Hope everyone has a wonderful night!  <3