Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Day 8; The return of happy Galen!!

  That's right, happy Galen has returned at least mostly.  So, to start, we did a team building activity in which we had to form a circle and lift.  It was interesting at the very least.
(left to right) Rosa, Arianna, Analyssa, and Alexia
After that, we went to robotics.  First, we did robotics.  In the beginning, we created a "flipping gymnast" that looped around with momentum, then proceeded to build a dolphin.  Now, here's the big question.  Who's that Pokemon?!

Us!!!!!!!!! (Me, Steph, and Alex)


If you guessed Togepi, you're right.  Togepi is this wittle guy --->
I had on red shoes and a blue bracelet along with a long flowy skirt to replicate my little buddy.  Also, i have decided Saturday will be picture post day.  I'll post each outfit alongside the Pokemon it is as well as the promised picture of my bag, maybe some video, etc etc!  Now, after we built our dolphin friend, now named Steve, it was time for the best part of the day, lunch.  KOREAN FOOD IS THE BEEEEEEESSSSSSTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!  I had a huge table today and from what i can tell, i was very entertaining.  It's nice to make people laugh ^^

Alice still sucks.  Stephanie is working on the walking while i....attempt pathetically at movement.  SIIIIIGGGGHHHH.  Anyway, I am Sherlock Friggin Holmes guys.  The scenario i imagined yesterday was Linday going, working on crafts, when Myranda walked in and stabbed her in the arm. Lindsay then went to the window and crawled to her final place of death where she was assaulted again with a mug from the left.  I was right on all counts but one, the dastardly accomplice, the illusive Noor!  She was the one who landed the final blow with the mug.  A clever one she is.   Also, Myranda kicked her in the head rather than smashed.  I am afraid we were to rushed to write all the stuff so we may not be the team that won :(

Sooooo that's about it yall!!  If you have any questions, want to know anything about my day, anything, go ahead and put it in the comments!!  Don't forget to vote on my poll (you can select multiple answers) and all that good stuff!  Also, i added links to my twitter and tumblr in the about me section to the right!  Warning, my tumblr occasionally has  some adult language but it is sfw i promise.  So, that's it.  Bye!!!!!

Update : O yes!!  the prompt!  10 things that make me happy?  well...
1.)  BBC Sherlock
3.) Pokemon
4.) making people laugh so hard they cry/spew food/have 2 run off
5.) heating pads
6.) The internet
7.) friends :)
8.) sparkly scarves
9.) Getting something really hard done so you don't have to deal with it
10.  Being done with lists you were to tired to write