Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Day 7: Sigh

  So...today was no better if not worse.  WARNING PLEASE SKIP IF YOU DON'T WANT TO BE DEPRESSED.  GO TO THE NEXT PARAGRAPH!  I feel like im just spiraling into one of my depressed states.  It's days like this when i see how mad i make people, how people look at me, that i start to think of unrelated and stupid things like why guys wont date me or how death is coming and there's nothing i can do to stop it.  I try to be funny to act like im not upset but just so people don't get more upset at me.  Have you ever felt depressed and then people are literally angry or at least you see them as angry about you being sad?  Like "stop crying, it's nothing" or "geez no reason to get upset" although when they are upset, you try your hardest not to say those things, not to cry, to cheer them up, but when you cry, how dare you.  Couple that with yesterday's anger, your short temper, and being rushed and worried, and you have me...the ticking time-bomb of the century.  I don't want to write posts about being sad!  I don't want to whine and be sad on this blog, but i am!  I am sad, i am upset, and i feel my readers should get to see the real me.

 OK YOU CAN READ NOW So....all sadness aside, my outfit today was adorable.  I dressed as a riolu ready for the Kalos region (which is the newest region and is based on France).
 I wore a blue and black checkered over shirt with a white muscle shirt as well as a black beret and my Eiffel tower earrings and my sparkly scarf.  I also put n mascara for the first time ever today and DIDNT STAB MYSELF IN THE EYE WOO!!!  I was so excited this morning for my awesome Riolu day.  I'll try to post both pictures tomorrow.  Also, on friday, should i be: Charizard, Lapras, Jirachi, Treeco, Ho-Oh or other?  Feedback in the comments!!

Let me try to point out some other good things.
1.)  I felt like Sherlock Holmes, getting to investigate blood

2.)  I have reached 100 views on this blog with many from Russia!  Thank you Russia, for lightening up my day!  :)
3.) I've programmed NXT robotics before so i shouldn't feel awful
4.)  I got my characters to turn their heads...wooooo
5.)  ...........I got a rootbeer?

Overall today was absolutely atrocious and i feel terrible, but i'll try to post something happy-ish everyday so its not all downer...thanks for reading.  Love yall.

Update:  Also, a shout-out to my new snuggle-buddy, mr. random pigeon we found.  He is a tiny wittle pigeon friend we found hobbling around and i am sincerely hoping he has a blog so he can get my shout-out properly.  Hi little buddy!!  However, i think his mother scolded him quite severely so...perhaps he's grounded.  (get it?  grounded?  cause...he was on the ground?  that was terrible im so sorry)