Saturday, June 29, 2013

Picture weekend part 2: Week 1 pictures (please read part one first)

All of us last Friday.  I hope everyone will keep in touch and i'll miss you all!!!
Writin' Somethin'
Working on my app with a kitten!

Practicing for minute to win it.  I WANT DE COOKIE!!!

Dusting for fingerprints with HibaIrma, and Alexia

Joellen helping me
Me in the midst of the human knot

    So that's it for week one!  Tomorrow i'll try to post the poke-outfits as well as other pictures from the second week of YWIC!  Don't forget to vote (the poll is now in the top right corner) and check back tomorrow!!  (If you didn't read the title, please read the post before this.  I posted twice again.  Prepare for the apocalypse.)