Friday, June 21, 2013

The laaaaassstttt melon (this week) WARNING! LONG POST BUT IT HAS A COMIC SOOO READ IT!

  Well, we weren't required to do a blog today seeing as its a few girls' last day at camp, but i figured my adoring fans might want to hear from me. So hi!  How yall doing?  You look absolutely fabulous.  I love that color on you.

    Compliments aside, camp this week was over fantastic.  I'll post a picture of my bag laaaaaterrrr when i'm less lazy and sleepy.  However, my app turned out adorable and i hope 2 post it's barcode for yall later.  Next week, we get to do animation.  I'm hoping to do something Lea and Z?  perhaps a Franz Ferdinand music video to...dark of the matinee or do you want to?  Leave suggestions below!  PLEEEAAASSSEEE I LIKE COMMENTS DO THEM!!

    Now, the long part.  For those of you unaware, my name's Lea; well, that's my writing name.  When writing any sort of book, poem, song, parody, whatever, i use that name (pronounced lay-a not lee-a).  This name stems from Leanasta Worthington, my first ever fan-character for the X-Men.  Adopted sister of Warren Worthington III, best friend/wing man to Forge, and secret admirer of Logan, she's my plant-powered mutant OC.  Since then, i have created my comic, ME+FREE, which is my url!  What a coincidence!!
     The story follow another character named Lea, but rather than being a super-powered mutant, she is instead an older version of me in a way or rather, an ideal version of me.  She attends AWSM (awesome) university and lives with her flatmates, Joellen, Myranda, Paul, and Jaz (currently, not initially).  The comic has a "special feature"; it is only ever made IN CLASS.  I can only draw and write comics at school or a classroom like setting, however for special comics i can fix them up at home, like my valentine's special i perfected on GIMP.  A few of you (*cough* mira and jo *cough*) have read the comic far enough to meet the love interest, Jeremy Marlow, a.k.a. Z, who was seen in a previous post or 2.  He's sweet.  I have acquired a tablet and HOPE to start to edit my comics and upload them to a host site as a webcomic.  However, for you very special blog readers, i will put an unedited version of the very first comic, drawn on the second day of my freshman year of HS in health class which spawned a 300+ page comic with around 400 individual comics and still growing.

So, that's about it.  I thought i should properly introduce myself to you all and my favorite thing.  I really like comments and such!  So if anyone has questions fr me, my characters, or want to just talk, leave a comment!  I LIKE TALKING!  so please, even if just to say hi, let me know you're out there and this isnt just floating off into space. :(  Sorry this was so long!

Here's my comic as promised!  Please remember, this was drawn almost 3 years ago, so forgive me.
      That's me!  

EDIT:  Also, i added a poll to the sidebar on the right!  Please leave your honest opinion!  I want some feedback please!  I also added a translate feature seeing as i apparently had 3 German and a Vietnamese view so...Hallo Deutschland!  And vietnam!  (sorry i don't speak anything but English, a dab of German and  a REALLY tiny dot of Japanese)