Thursday, June 27, 2013


  Soooooo who's reading for anger?!?  My alice program was almost perfect!  We got the whole first 2 verses done or at least set up.  Steph made a great walking program and everything was fantastic.  Then we came back from lunch and poof!  Everything was too slow!!  We had it to the dot perfect and then it was suddenly glitchy and now we're ridiculously behind.  Soooo guess who gets to stay behind to work today?  Graaaahhhhh hatred.  But my robo-dolphin is nearly complete.

  Anyway, today i was a Kangaskan, the possible mother to the Cubone/Marawok line.  I wore khaki
pants and a white and brown shirt with a brown scarf around my stomach where the little kangakeychain hung and brown shoes.  Also, today was Hunger Games day.  Personally, my anxiety is much to bad to read the Hunger Games and in fact, even the movie makes me jittery.  Some of you could probably gather from my depressed posts that i am scared of death and well, that doesn't help.  

ANYWAY, no matter how mad i am at computers, they are important soooo lets discuss the prompt, why comps are important to me.  First off, they have helped me find people with similar interests to me all over the world, like all you readers!  Also, they help me get school work done much quicker and more efficiently, as well as legibly which, if you can't tell by my comic yet, is a huge issue for me. I love my computer, from games, to chatting, to tumblr and blogger, it's a huge happy place for me!  Plus it let's me watch Sherlock, Disney movies fresh outta the vault, and other assorted nostalgia without having to drive to hastings or hope it's on the telly!  Woo!!

Welp, that was my day.  As always, don't forget to vote, comment etc.  Also!  As most of you know, this is a camp blog, however my camp is ending tomorrow BUT i will not be!  This blog will continue to be for personal use for who knows how long!  It probably won't be daily, but they will hopefully be full of fun content!  See you later!!!